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Black Demon

Description of the aquatic cryptid

It is an aquatic cryptid that supposedly inhabits Baja California. They say it resembles a megalodon, but more sinister and demonic. According to stories, it appears as a black shadow and then shows its giant head and when it open its jaw you can see more sharp teeth than a shark can have. It has a long tail and has great strength.

Data and stories related to the Black Demon

According to the legend, it appears in Baja California and these stories have been transmitted from generation to generation. It is believed to be the killer of several whales found dead in the Pacific Ocean with signs of having been attacked by a large beast.

Those who study cryptozoology often mention what could be a circumstancual proof of megalodon survival: a tooth found in 1872 during the HMS Challenger expedition.

Some people say that they can survive at the bottom of the sea by adapting their environment and remain anonymous to this day.

Marine biologist David Stead wrote about sightings in the last century. According to what was written in 1918, there was a case in Stephens Harbor where a group of crab fishermen refused to fish near Broughton Island, after their merchandise was attacked by a shark of great apocalyptic proportions. They told Stead that the creature is 90 meters long.

Finally, there are witnesses from distant places like Australia which are described by Stead in 1918. Those in Baja California do not give such exaggerated measures, but they do report seeing a shark of great proportions. The truth is that the disappearance of thousands of fishermen throughout history is attributed to the black shark.


It must be considered that there are still unexplored chasms in the depths of the sea, so that the idea that such creatures can exist in those areas remains. On the other hand, there is no evidence such as photos or videos that infallibly prove its existence.

We let you come to your own conclusions.


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