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The Sirens, myth or reality

Brief description of the sirens

They are beings whose upper half of their body is similar to a beautiful woman and from the waist down does not have limbs but a fish tail. It originates with Greek mythology, although they have also been present in the folklore of other civilizations. They have gone from mythological to folklore or legend and to popular beliefs. Which has been demonstrated by various sightings over the centuries and in the same way has been decreasing as scientific knowledge progresses, so superstition has receded.

Important data and speculation regarding the subject

At present there is no strong evidence of its existence, but in the past it was taken as evidence of corpses that were false and it was clarified that they were created by taxidermists. However, there is doubt and speculation as to whether mermaids are a missing link in human evolution and there are those who, from esotericism and pseudoscience, stipulate that they are aquatic females, the product of a genetic experiment of aliens; or maybe an entity from another world either a spirit or even a demon.

According to certain legends, they were originally human friends of Persephone and who accompanied him in the rapture of Hades. Either at their request according to helping their friend or by Demeter’s punishment by not preventing the rapture, they then became half-bird and half-human beings.

All versions agree that they lived on a rocky Mediterranean island in front of Sorrento. It is said that their song attracted men. Some texts make reference that they are not evil beings. They claimed that their intention was not to devour them or with any other bad intention.

Another version alleges that they were only there to keep pace to death. It is said that all the sirens disappeared when the oracle was fulfilled when Odysseus resisted their charms; throwing all of them into the sea, hence we go from this mermaid-bird to the mermaid we all know.

Nereids are known as nymphs that live deep in the sea and are said to attract men by dragging them to their home where they die drowned. They are said to captivate them with their siren songs making them prey by their charm.

There are also Irish “merrows” who are half human and half fish, but unlike the classical myth there are male specimens, although female specimens are more numerous. The “merrows” are characterized by having membranes in their hands and their defined hostility towards humans and also have magic garments. Males are uglier and have pointed teeth and their face is similar to that of a pig.

According to legend, if a human achieves to steal the magic garments, they have complete control of the “merrow”. However, if the creature can recover its garment, the call of the sea is so strong that it returns and leaves the human.

Others are known as the sirens of the Iberian Peninsula which according to legend serves to provide the origin of Mariño lineage . According to this, Charlemagne’s nephew did not die in the battle of Roncesvalles in 778, but ended up on the Island of Salvora, in Galicia.

Legend tells that on a stormy night he ran toward a mermaid which was lying on the beach and took her home and slept with her. When he ask her name, he notices that she is mute and not caring about anything else, he gets married and also they have their first child.

On the night of San Juan he realizes that she is not mute but has a piece of meat stuck that prevented her from speaking. By spitting it, she manages to talk to her husband and they live happily until his death and so then, she returns to the sea. Not before putting the condition that in each generation of Mariño a child had to be delivered to her so she would take him with her to the sea. The people would know which one was chosen because taht person would have the eyes like the color of the waves.


About the corresponding information which is presented here about this cryptic creature it can be said that every legend can have some events which are only imagination and others with some truth. So far there is no evidence, but they are beliefs that have been carried for generations and where there is still the question of whether they are only legends or reality. Judge yourself and reach your own conclusions.


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