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The Shocking Extraterrestrial Prophecy related to the date of July 20, 2019

Brief data related to the medium Chico Xavier and his relationship with this prophecy

Francisco Xavier, better known as Chico Xavier, is well known in Brazil for his altruistic work and helps others. In fact, for the year 1981 he was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. It has some well-known works: The Path of Light, Parnassus from beyond, Our Bread, Children of the Hereafter, Between Two Worlds, Books of Hope and some others.

Chico Xavier, through an information by his guide called Emmanuel, mentions that humanity is about to fulfill a term of 50 years, whose term coincides with the date of July 20, 2019, in which the angelic community of the solar system  had put to the test to later integrate into this community.

Exhibition of the Prophecy of July 20, 2019

This brazilian medium predicted that on July 20, 2019 the aliens will have contact with humans. Chico Xavier said he was always accompanied by a spirit named Emmanuel who supervised his work as a medium and transmitted what he had to write in the 451 books he wrote. He never accepted money raised by his books but donated it to different non-profit associations. One of them was the Brazilian Spiritist Federation. He came to sell more than 40 million copies translated into 33 languages ​​and 30 books in braille.

According to him, from the lunar voyage of Neil Armstrong on July 20, 1969, the moratorium began and is about to end on July 20, 2019. This exposes some agreements that humanity must fulfill worldwide, mostly under the responsibility of the major nations.

The most developed nations responsible for the Earth should learn to support each other, respecting their differences and refraining from resorting to a war of nuclear extermination. In other words, avoid a Third World War at all costs. If these conditions were fulfilled during that whole term, we would finally be admitted into that community of the solar system as a world in regeneration.

All this was exposed by Chico Xavier in 1986 when he was questioned about the future of the planet Earth according to an article published in the magazine Folha Espírita.


We must remember that there was a prophecy based on the Mayan calendar that ensured that by December 21, 2012 the world would end. This never happened.

This new prophecy of July 20, 2019 is close to fulfillment or maybe nothing happens like the one mentioned above. However,  there are significant changes in the attitude of the great nations to the existence of UFOs and have also allocated research budget to these sightings. All this with greater openness and acceptance of these facts.

Whether or not it is related to what is presented here we do not know, but it is hoped that soon we could have greater clarity regarding these events and the real that this prophecy can be.



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