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The Seven Hermetic Laws or Principles

Brief introduction and explanation of the topic

Since ancient times it has been studied as the universe, life, nature and everything that exists is influenced by laws, principles or order. Whether we know them or not they will always be present, functioning and influencing our daily lives.

These laws will influence our social position, where we live, who we are and will act for or against us depending on whether we act correctly or contrary to them. If we act in favor of these laws, we are allowed to move forward and life is simplified.

There are a variety of books that talk about the subject, but the oldest is The Kybalion of Hermes Trismegisto dating back to the year 2,000 B.C. Actually, although they are known as hermetic laws, this would be a mistake because they are not created by him but are natural laws that what Hermes evidently did was observe and write them.

The 7 universal laws

Each of these will be mentioned and explained simply and briefly below. The first law or principle is that of Cause and Effect where we are told that every action has a reaction like a boomerang. Everything we do will be returned to us so we should know what are the causes that lead us to have that effect. By changing the causes we could change those situations that make us unhappy and that we don’t want in our lives.

The other law is Mentalism in which we are told “everything is mind” and better known as mental power. In other words what you think manifests. By having free will we can control our thinking. In a way it relates to the previous law of cause and effect.

The following one is the law of vibration in which it is clarified that “Everything vibrates” and can be negative or positive. The whole universe is energy as Albert Einstein said. Through feelings, thoughts, actions and words we emit vibrations. Similars attracts. Moods emit vibrations to the universe. We must take into consideration what vibrations we emit in order to attract positive things by controlling our feelings, etc. addressing us towards a positive energy or vibration.

The other is the law or principle of rhythm where we are told that “Everything has its rhythm”. It is like the seasons of the year that have their time, so we cannot change our life from one day to another, that is, everything comes and goes. The goal is to find the balance to neutralize the principle of rhythm. Things come and go and to the extent that we flow with the universe we better adapt and we will be happy.

Another principle or law is Polarity, that is, “Everything has two poles” one positive and one negative, as in other words, high-low, cold-heat. Everything will depend on the state of our polo. As an example, people who complain about everything, often get angry and criticize are in a negative pole and on the contrary those who are constantly happy, laugh and are grateful are in the positive pole.

Another law is principle of Generation on which we are told that “Everything is generated.” Everything in the universe is generated or created. If we generate evil and criticism we will be continuously generating negative causes and on the contrary, the reverse, generates positivity in our lives. We are creators of our lives.

And finally the Correspondence Principle that tells us that “As above it is below”. In other words, as we see our outside or physical world, so is our inner world and vice versa. So if our interior calms down, the physical world will be relieved. In other words that our interior is the one who is generating that situation that we DO NOT want.


The power of your mind is infinite, but only you can open your mind. These universal laws are considered as the key or guide to achieve personal happiness and leave suffering behind. Just as if you sow tomatoes you can not pick or harvest lettuce , our thoughts, feelings, actions and words generate what we sow since we cannot go against the laws of nature and those principles that govern the universe.


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