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The Rumorosa- Stories and Legends

Brief description of the area and its paranormal link

The Rumorosa is an area of the peninsula of Baja California and is crossed by one of the most dangerous roads in Mexico. There is evidence in the background of the ravines of vehicles that have been damaged and that have claimed several lives. There are testimonies that on this road ghosts have been observed on many occasions. Especially mentioned is that of an old woman who appears during the full moon to get on the running board of the trucks with the apparent purpose of guiding the drivers to prevent them from falling off their route.

It has an archaeological zone known as the Vallecito where there are rupestrian paintings of the Kumiai ethnic group.

The curious thing about this area and what is somewhat frightening is the feeling that someone whispers in your ear without anyone being at your side. It is believed that it may be due to when the wind hits the walls of the solid rock, which is characteristic of the area.

Legends in the area of The Rumorosa

There are many legends related to the area. One of these is that of a nurse who lived many years ago in this town. According to the legend, the nurse was required to be present because a terrible accident had occurred and they needed it in the way medical help arrived. She came to the place, but nothing was learned about her or signs of an accident were found. Multiple theories were generated about what happened, but none of these could ever be verified. However, from this incident began the sightings of the ghost of a woman walking on the side of the road and nostalgic appearance. Sometimes it appears in the passenger’s seat leaving the drivers frightened.

Another legend is that of a young man on a bicycle who drives recklessly and is run over. When the driver gets off his vehicle he finds neither the young man nor the bicycle. this usually happens again when following its march; that is, visual deception can be repeated several times. It is believed that it is due to something that actually happened long ago and that his ghost pretends to warn about the tragic event.

There is another legend known as the one of the trailero which relates that a long time ago a trailero was traveling at high speed towards Mexicali because his wife was about to give birth and wanted to arrive early at home, but when he took a curve he lost control and It hit some rocks. He got off the trailer somewhat stunned and realized that apparently nothing had happened to him. So he waited for someone to come by and take him to the city, but no one passed by that place. He fell asleep and when he woke up everything was dark and he began to walk, however in spite of the length of the journey he realized that he was in the same place. Three days after the incident the trailer was found, but not the driver.

As the years went by, a boy who was traveling along that route found a man who beckoned to him and asked for help because he needed to arrive urgently to his wife who was about to give birth to leave money. He identified himself as Francisco Vázquez and told him that his trailer broke down and that he could not leave it there. So he asked him to take the money, in addition to indicating on a piece of paper the address of his wife. The young man agreed to help him and fulfill the order, but while this was happening the young man felt like chills down his back.

The next day he went to find the lady of the trailero, but she no longer lived in that direction. She continued to find out until he found her and when she told him what happened she told him that her husband had died five years ago. The boy’s legs began to tremble, but he handed over the money and returned home frightened. He had barely closed the door of his house when he found himself face to face with the trailero and was startled, while the ghost with a cavernous voice thanked him and disappeared before his very eyes.

At the time the young man knew that other drivers had been the same, but this had not fulfilled the order so they were drying the body to be like skeletons.


The myths or legend may have something of real and some invention of some ingenious mind. However, paranormal experiences that have experienced some people who have passed through that location should be considered. It is curious how the same experiences are repeated without having an explanation that clarifies what they experienced or felt in that area.

Here we expose the cases and there are also other paranormal events through youtube that can access and find more documentation about it. The area is visited by curious people or people interested in the paranormal topic. There are evidence or scientific approaches to explain some of these events as the whisper in the ear, but not all have been fully explained.

Judge yourself and come to your own conclusions.


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