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The Pentagon’s Futuristic Research Projects

Some details related to Futuristic Projects

Through the Freedom of Information Act, a secret list of research projects linked to the Pentagon has been declassified. Among the research projects are: dark energy, invisibility layer, high frequency gravitational communications, nuclear propulsion for space missions and passable wormholes or theoretical concepts to extract energy from the zero point. Those are some of the 38 futuristic projects of the US Government. Of these, ten are related to space travel and the majority for military purposes.

Secret program to search UFOs revealed for the first time in 2017

The US Defense Intelligence Agency published a list of research papers funded through its secret program to search for UFOs in 2017. The program allocated millions of dollars to investigate wormholes, dark energy, invisibility cloaks and manipulation of additional dimensions.

Following a request from Steven Aftergood, director of the Government Secrecy Project of the Federation of American Scientists, a list of research papers was published under the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program. Although these declassified documents do not reveal much, they at least shed light on some of the issues that are being studied.

It was unveiled to the media in December of 2017, through the New York Times. Although it was closed in 2012 after five years of existence, there are people close to it that indicate that it only stopped having the financing of the Department of Defense. Parts of the program remain secret.


It is curious that so many millions have been allocated if it was not important for the US Department of Defense. Given that there is doubt, that the project has been completely closed, it is possible to speculate that its existence is kept secret. Currently it is indicated to anyone who sees a UFO or some related phenomenon report it. Previously, it was about not giving light. Everything indicates that there is a special interest in the subject so it is not consistent that the research project disappears completely.



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