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The Karma- Cause and Effect

The Major Law: Cause and Effect

From our childhood to the present we have grown up with this law even without being aware of it. We are simply told that we reap what we sow and that everything we send to the Universe will return sooner or later. They indicate to us, that each negative energy sent to others, will return in a ten times more powerful way.

That is, we have been taught that everything good or bad that we do will have a consequence. It is for this reason that there is a saying: “He who sows winds will reap storms.” Karma is the judge of our acts.

The existence of karma comes to us through Buddhism and Hinduism; This belief tells us that every action has a dynamic force that expresses and influences the successive existences of the individual. Now, according to Hinduism, the corresponding reaction is generated by the Lama god, whereas in Buddhism there is no controlling god, but a reaction generated as a law of nature.

Karma does not only imply physical actions, but in addition to acts, words and thoughts are included.

There is an association between karma and reincarnation. It is said that if a single life is not enough to experience all the effects of his actions, then he must “pay” or “collect” in his next life or reincarnation.

The memory of previous lives, according to the guru Paramahansa Yogananda, is usually an emotional weight for many and therefore, it is hidden in the memory of your soul, or it may be in your mind if the person is prepared to remember them without emotional damage .

Hooponopono technique and its relationship with karma

The Hooponopono means correcting an error or doing the right thing and comes from the ancient Hawaiian culture; who used it as a method of solving problems. A Hawaiian therapist (Dr. lhaleakala Hew len) cured a whole ward of criminal patients without even seeing any of them. The psychologist studied the prisoner’s case and then looked inside himself to see how he had found that person’s illness and how he could cure it. To the extent that he improved within himself, the patient in his cell improved.

The Hooponopono helps us to transform into positive characteristics the situations that we had to live, eliminating what hurts us, endows us with freedom, drives away rage and lets us be happy.

Through this technique of forgiveness, in the midst of prayer and mantra, we achieve that with his words we achieve: recognition, liberation, transformation and solution.

The Hooponopono helps eliminate and clean what is known as karma.


Karma must be seen from the point of view that everything is energy and in the Universe everything is interconnected, so if something is also affected the other.

The healing process of the Hooponopono method repeats the mantras: I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.

The immediate effects of this technique have been successfully tested with patients as we have indicated.

We must look beyond the visible or physical and understand that the entire Universe is governed by vibrations, that each being or thing emits vibrations and as long as there is harmony there will be peace, serenity, calm and love.



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