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Oumuamua- Asteroid or Alien Ship

As of 2017 there is confusion among astronomers around the world due to the presence of a strange object that, in its beginnings, crossed near the Sun, based on its speed and unusual trajectory, reddish color and huge size (measured almost like a football stadium) it was determined that it could be an asteroid not belonging to our solar system. However, at present two Harvard scientists pointed out that it could be an alien ship. This object known as Oumuamua is flattened, long and capable of accelerating its route through the solar system. Because of this last feature is considered different from other comets.

Unusual trajectory and implications of being an alien ship

All this unusual dynamics led to two researchers studying the phenomenon in depth. Their conclusions indicate that it could be a probe operated intentionally to approach the Earth. Although these experts do not stipulate that they were aliens who sent her to our planet, they do notice after a deep mathematical analysis of their movement, that it would not be unreasonable to think that it was a ship driven by sunlight.

Abbraham Loeb, head of the department of astronomy of Harvard, stipulated that it is impossible to guess the purpose of Oumuamua without having more data. Loeb does not rule out that it can be an object that floats in an interstellar way into our system.

Both Loeb and Shmuel Bialy, both Harvard researchers, point out that to indicate that it is an “alien ship” is a bit exotic; although not impossible. They understand that it would be very complex for an object of that size to move only with sunlight as a source of power since it is not in accordance with the laws of dynamics itself.

This mystery would be solved possibly at the time when Oumuamua is close to Earth.


The mysterious and enigmatic Oumuamua keeps the scientific community in suspense since they have not yet been able to explain infallibly whether it is an asteroid or not and also the unusualness of its movement. It is unknown what is the purpose of being a probe or spacecraft. In addition, it is uncertain the implications that this phenomenon could bring to our planet as it passes close by.

It seems that we must wait for it to come closer so that we can evaluate it and determine the effects that might come from passing close to Earth.


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