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Mysterious Waves and Seismic Swarm occurred in 2018

Details related to the mysterious waves and seismic swarm

In the month of May 2018, several tremors occurred that shook the small French island of Mayotte, in the Comoros archipelago, between the African continent and Madagascar. although the majority were slight there was a 5.8 magnitude on May 15, 2018.

Then, in November 2018, rare seismic waves that spread throughout the world were recorded. they kept resonating for more than 20 minutes although their frequency was too low for it to be recorded by any human being.

Possible causes of the mysterious waves and the seismic swarm

Given what happened, French scientists began a multiple mission to better control the origin of this mysterious seismic activity. Coordinated by the National Center of Scientific Investigations of France, CNRS, was included as part of the work, expeditions through the ship Marion Dufresne. This expedition was co directed by Nathalie Feuillet, of the Institute of Physics of the Globe of Paris and by Stephan Jorry, of the French Institute of Investigation for the Exploitation of the Sea (IFREMER).

After an arduous year of research they managed to find the possible source of the unexpected seismic activity. The possible cause is the birth of an underwater volcano about 50 kilometers off the coast of Mayotte. It is located 3.2 kilometers underwater, with a height of 0.8 kilometers and measures 4.8 kilometers at its widest point.

On May 16, 2018, Robin Lacassin, of the Institute of Physics of the Globe of Paris, published on twitter some images that show the newborn volcano in acoustic images, they act like a dolphin that uses its sonar to perceive its environment. It is compared to a pregnancy ultrasound, although with larger error bars, according to the geophysicist Lucile Bruhat.

They reveal a series of rugged structures on the seabed that form a kind of path to the new volcanic center, from where the earthquakes occur and located off the coast of the island of Petite-Terre de Mayotte.

There is a doubt as to whether it is truly a birth or an awakening of an existing volcano. Nor could they say that it caused exactly the low frequency noise and the seismic swarm.

Until now, research continues, according to Mark Tingay, a specialist in geomechanics at the University of Adelaide (Australia).


The seismic swarm that the planet Earth suffered in 2018 continues to be a mystery. Despite the data presented here, there is no conclusive evidence that can explain without a doubt what happened on the planet. So here is the data exposed and it is left to the reader’s judgment to determine what may be the correct answer which explain the mysterious phenomenon.



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