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Investigations and experiments on Death by Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross was a scientist who researched and experienced what happens at the time of death. She indicated that even in a coma they can hear what they are told and that the deceased continue to hear, so that “pending” matters can be resolved. She graduated in psychiatry in the U.S., receiving 23 honorary doctorates.

What happens at the time of death?

In her book “On Death and Dying”, 1969, she describes the different phases of the patient as they approach death; that is, denial, anger, negotiation, depression, and acceptance. In her scientific research in the field of research on near-death experiences, she concluded that there is life after death.

In her professional practice dealing with dying patients, she asked them to tell his paranormal experiences, since they had gone through the experience of having been declared dead and having returned to life. These cases vary in age, race, and religion, only had in common the return to life after being declared dead.

All of these cases can describe how they slid over the physical body and floated above their bed. In addition, they could accurately narrate everything that happened around them, not only the visual and auditory, but some claimed to read the thoughts of each of those around him.

When studying each of his cases in her long professional practice she concluded that death did not exist in reality, it is only an abandonment of the physical body, in the same way as the butterfly leaves its silk cocoon.

The majority of the survivors narrate on a magnificent radiance and luminosity and none of those that lived an experience of the threshold of the death felt fear to die. They claim to see a passage or tunnel and a bright light at the end, as they approach they feel full of love. Indescribable and unconditional.

At that moment they feel an understanding without judgment, knowing each act or thought of their lives and understanding and interpreting each of its consequences. So they understand that they were responsible for their destinations and that each of their experiences were opportunities to grow.

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross and her personal experimentation with the threshold of Death

Dr. Kubler – Ross, being intrigued by the findings obtained, wanted to experiment for what was induced to an artificial death in a laboratory in Virginia; experiencing twice being outside the body. When he returned to consciousness he had the phrase “Shanti Nilaya”, which at that time did not know its meaning.

Being in an isolated pension in the middle of the forest of Blue Ridge Mountains, after feeling physical pains, he began to experience a pulsation at the level of the belly extending through his body and then to everything that looked around him, including the trees, having the impression that the whole earth vibrated in each molecule.

Then, she saw a lotus flower that opened and behind it appeared a light like the one narrated by his patients, she was attracted to it and when he joined that source of light the vibrations ceased, only calm, a state of absolute love. Through that experience, she was able to experience a loving communion with everything he had around him. Later, she found out that “Shanti Nilaya” means the final port of peace that awaits us.

Dr. Kubler-Ross faces death and shares her feelings about it with her loved ones and friends

Then, in 1995, Dr. Kubler – Ross suffered a series of strokes that paralyzed the right side of her face. She died on August 24, 2004 facing death bravely and only asked to be fired with joy and throwing balloons to heaven.

It is important to add that both his friends and loved ones said that on his deathbed to his questions of whether he felt fear of death, he told them that he was not frightened but that he produced joy and that it was not the end but a radiant beginning.



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