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How does meditation help to prevent aging?

There are several scientific studies related to how meditation can help stop aging. In all, the telomerase enzyme is mentioned, which can cancel the aging process and also prove that there is an increase in it after meditation. This is mentioned by a study at the University of California-Davis.

Studies on telomerase and meditation

In another Harvard study, it is proved that telomerase has managed to revert the degenerative processes in experimentation with rats.

To understand the process it must be mentioned that each time the cells divide, the telomeres shorten and when they fall below a certain length (something normal in aging), the process of cell division stops and they die.

However, telomerase prevents this decline in some cells, including stem cells and adds DNA to the ends of the telomeres.

Through studies and experiments by Elizabeth Blackburn it was discovered that the telomerase enzyme protects and rebuilds telomeres. She and her colleagues sent some participants to a retreat in Colorado proving that stress is reduced by meditation and that it causes an increase in telomerase levels to occur. So the degenerative processes of aging are reversed. 30 people participated in the meditation retreat at Shambala Mountain Center in Colorado. The results showed that there was 30% more telomerase activity in the control group.

Benefits of this practice

Meditation is proven to lower blood pressure and improve the immune response to fight diseases.

It should be noted that under the stress hormone, cortisol, the activity of telomerase is reduced directly affecting the telomeres; causing osteoarthritis, diabetes, heart disease and Alzheimer’s.

There are studies that prove that yoga helps us stay energetic and young. This is a millenary discipline that originates in India; extending to the West. It practices postures and is combined with breathing techniques and meditation. The purpose is a union of body, mind, and spirit. It stimulates concentration and motivates living the present time in order to distance stress and achieve peace.

Yoga and meditation counteract the generation of harmful substances or free radicals that oxidize DNA, thus protecting our aging cells.


In short, meditation prevents cellular aging. It is not magic but the harmony of body, mind, and spirit.

Definitely, meditation helps prevent aging and prevents diseases. However, a healthy diet, exercises and a balance in different aspects of our life such as work, rest, fun, etc. It would help to complement the above and a better quality of life.



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