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Zone of Silence

Some facts and theories about the events in the Zone of Silence

In a semi-desert area of Durango, Chihuahua and Coahuila in Mexico there is an area that has generated debates between scientists and ufologists. This is known as the Zone of Silence and its name is due to the fact that radio waves cannot be transmitted normally. Therefore, electronic communications and the operation of navigation instruments are difficult.

This peculiar situation in this area has generated many paranormal stories. Within these stories, there is that there are UFO sightings and there have even been analogies of the area with the Bermuda Triangle.


However, for scientists, this situation has an explanation. The same is that what happens in this area is as a result of the magnetic variation and this affects the propagation of the radio frequencies.

Some history related to this paranormal phenomenon

It is said that in 1970 an Athena test missile launched from the military base near Green River (Utah) lost control and fell in this area. This rocket was carrying containers of cobalt 57, a radioactive element, although for three weeks the remains were being transported and a small amount of contaminated soil was always left. This is one of the possible scientific explanations about what happens in this area.

However, there are data on paranormal events prior to the year 1970. This is the story of Francisco Sarabia, recognized aviator in Mexico, who in the 1930s was flying over Durango, when suddenly passing through the airspace of the Chihuahua desert there was a radio silence. Sarabia had to alert the air traffic control about what happened and make an emergency landing. He could survive the incident, but neither he nor the engineers could give an explanation to what happened. This was the first case of technical problems in the Zone of Silence.

There are other stories related to the area such as Josefina and Ernesto Díaz. They were searching for fossils in October 1975 when they were cut off from their cars by a flash flood. They were stuck in a hole and when trying to get the car they appeared tall, blond men with yellow raincoats which easily managed to get the vehicle out of the hole. The unusual thing is that when trying to thank them for the help, they had disappeared and there were no traces of footprints in the mud.

Since the 19th century, they are reporting the fall of hot stones over this area despite the clear sky. some admit to having seen UFOs in this place.


In general, although scientists have tried to explain, they have not yet found one that can fully clarify the paranormal events in the area. Although there is a theory that is due to the existence of a kind of energy vortex between the Zone of Silence, the Bermuda Triangle and the pyramids of Egypt. Here we expose the data so that they are analyzed and each one reaches his own conclusions.


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