Michil Yakoklev/Universidad Federal del Noreste

Paleontological Findings

In August 2018 a group of Paleontologists found the body of a horse in a crater in Batagaika, Siberia. This body was in perfect condition since it was found in the permafrost (permanently frozen layer of ice). After a series of analyzes, it was found that it died around 42,000 years ago and that it still had its internal organs, some of the wool in Its skin and the reddish color of its muscular tissue.

Scientific analysis of the finding

In an analysis of a group of specialists of the Federal University of the Northeast, in Russia, they found that contrary to other fossil remains in poor condition, in this one even the blood of their blood vessels was in a liquid state. This finding could provide the possibility of cloning the animal with the aim of bringing back this species extinct thousands of years ago. This species is known as Lenkaya’s horse. At the same time, they are experiencing the cloning of the woolly mammoth. The only thing that worries them is that although the state of their blood is liquid, the DNA present may be very damaged. this would make it impossible to clone 100%. So the result could be to create a species very similar to the original Lenskaya horse.


Despite the advances in science, there are always situations that can affect the scientific process. There is nothing infallible and the results can be affected by different variables. It is for this reason that, as the article says, there is still no certainty that it can be cloned or that it is 100% possible. However, the possibility should not be ruled out. Any type of advance in this field must be made for the common welfare. We must be aware of this and other similar findings because due to certain irregularities in the environment such as pollution have impacted the extinction of other species. The way in which the human being can correct and help protect their environment is important for the natural balance.


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