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Possible reasons why aliens are bald

Some data and observations related to the subject

Whenever we look for the word “extraterrestrial” in the electronic network, dozens of illustrations appear. Their descriptions are varied, cataloged as large at times and tiny at others. Some have three eyes and others only one. However their diversisity, there is one aspect that is striking because of their constancy, and that is that most of them are bald.

In most stories of extraterrestrial life, they are described as civilizations superior to ours. So this will explain the technological resources they have to visit us. A certain representation of the theory of evolution could also be present. The hypothesis that is implicit is that being very advanced to us, they would represent, in a certain way, our future biological development.

These creatures endowed with a disproportionate head in relation to their body can be what constitutes the final stage of our future. We could say that the hair is considered a trait of apparent animality unfit for a higher consciousness. These features were useful at times when men were exposed to inclement weather. This is because the function creates the organ.


Theories related to evolutionary changes and survival

Jean Baptista, known as Chevalier de Lamarck, considered, like Darwin, that species were not immutable. But his theory held that beings evolved according to the laws of a mysterious life force, which is present in every form of life and that guided biological evolution.

One of the emblematic examples is the giraffe. They have a long neck because the vital force has lengthened it because their food is in the treetops. Then that acquired adaptation became innate.

On the other hand, Darwin conceived the species as the consequence of a natural process of selection of the best adapted beings. In other words, individuals do not adapt biologically to their environment, if they survive it is as a result of random genetic combinations and, therefore, they are better adapted than the others. That is, following the example of the giraffes, these did not grow their necks suddenly but that chance made some had the neck longer than others, which gave them greater ease to feed and therefore to reproduce. So the genotype of the most adapted species expanded, while the other species became extinct.


It is necessary to clarify that it would be something miraculous that all beings in space follow an identical evolution towards baldness. Although sometimes extraordinary coincidences occur.

Now, from the intellectual point of view, it would be wiser to take seriously the idea that such descriptions are mere human inventions that betray the misconception that we generally have of the theory of evolution.

We leave to the reader’s opinion the evolutionary theory that is presented to us in this article and the possible correlation between extraterrestrials and humans.




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