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What are Orbs?

In the videos and photographs appear luminous spheres that we call orbs. There is the question of whether they are due to optical incidents or the presence of some kind of non-visible spiritual being, as Diana Cooper and Kathy Crosswell argue.

Because the human visual spectrum is very limited, optical instruments are required to capture the infrared and ultraviolet frequencies. As a result of digital cameras, many people have discovered spheres of light in their photographs. Most consider that they are optical effects, but some researchers like Dr. Klaus Heinemann have ruled out this hypothesis.

Reasons to rule out that they are optical effects according to Dr. Klaus

Dr. Klaus dismisses them as optical effects because there are photographs in which some object partially covers them so they can not be optical effects by air particles. Another reason is that the air particles move constantly, but the orbs maintain their position. In addition, orbs have been photographed in special research rooms in which particles suspended in the air that cause these reflections have been eliminated. Another reason is that photographs of orbs with non-digital cameras have been obtained, so the defects in the digital processing of the image of the CCD sensors are discarded.

Interpretations of science and religions

The interpretation that the orbs are invisible presences to the human eye have not received support from science and religion. However, there are contemporary physicists who work with string theory and defend the existence of 11 dimensions, of which most of us can not grasp with our senses.

In addition, there are cultural references about beings of a spiritual nature in religions such as: Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Sikhism. All of them accept the existence of angels.

Elements related to the appearance of orbs

It is considered that there are certain elements that favor the appearance of orbs. They often appear in photos that were taken in nature or in special places like temples. Another element related is in photos of people who are in some kind of celebration or concert and in which they appear happy, meditating, dancing or singing.

This leads to the conclusion that the orbs appear in contexts of high vibration. So it is suggested: (1) raise your energy either by meditating, singing, etc., (2) raising the energy with incense, candles and sacred music, (3) asking then to become visible in a humble and grateful way and (4) Make more than one photo because there can be big changes in a matter of seconds.

According to Diana Cooper and Kathy Crosswell the purpose of the orbs is to illuminate us. Both of them believe that there are more dimensions and that they are inhabited by spiritual creatures who wish to help us.


Although it is difficult to accept the theory of the existence of beings that we traditionally consider mythological, we must question why they appear in a diversity of cultures that have not had contact with each other.

Here we only expose the data related to these spheres of light known as orbs. We will let the reader reach his own conclusions.


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