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UFO sightings in Puerto Rico

Brief data related to the UFO history in P.R.

Sightings of unidentified flying objects are reported frequently in P.R. Not all are documented and informed to the people. They usually occur at night, but there are some that have been reported during the day. After the Freedom of Information Act, which allows the declassification of documents, it was found that in Puerto Rico there was a sighting recorded in May 1952. From then on they have reported sightings of UFOs throughout the island in different decades, in some have occurred more frequently.

There are reported sightings and others that not in the course of time. Not all have been evidenced by infallible evidence or at least evidence of photos and videos. Among the towns with the highest number of sightings are Lajas, Arecibo, Luquillo and some small towns in the center of the island in the mountainous area.


Some UFO sightings reported with photos and videos

In 1991, in the town of Adjuntas, P.R. a security guard observed the lights of unidentified flying objects in the sky, notified the police to have witnesses, 4 to 5 policemen, and even recorded the incident with his video camera. Currently, the video appears on the youtube channel.

On May 5, 1997, an incident similar to that of Roswell, New Mexico, occurred in the town of Lajas, P.R. An orange ship was seen making maneuvers and then two explosions with fire occurred; the first one lighter and the second one stronger. The next morning they did not let in firemen or police, only a federal helicopter came in, which took several pieces of metal between blankets. According to witnesses, they were part of the crashed UFO.

On December 21, 2002, at 4:15 PM, on the express highway from San Juan to Ponce, Mr. Jorge Ortiz; He was returning to Lajas accompanied by Mr. Jorge García, pilot and aviation instructor (who was driving the vehicle) and his son. Mr. Garcia notices the presence of a “silver ball” flying in the sky to the west and warned others. Mr. Ortiz, who is also a pilot, had a video camera and started filming and took several approach shots. Recognize that it was not a helicopter or any type of plane. The sphere continued its flight in a straight line to the west, towards some mountains (Cerro Maravilla / Cerro Punta) and for the moment it made a sudden jump upwards from a 90-degree angle and it was lost among the clouds.

In El Yunque, Caribbean National Forest, located in Luquillo, P.R. numerous sightings have been observed. There are some photos taken by Mr. Tomas Rivera, from the Rio Mar resort, from where El Yunque can be seen, the antennas of the communications system of the state and federal government and close to the telephone antenna of P.R. there was the object. You could not appreciate its shape exactly. After submitting the photos to several studies it was possible to conclude that it had an oval shape.

There are many witnesses to sightings, but most of them do not have evidence through photos or videos that are confirmed as reliable. Those that are exposed here exist such evidence. You can mention some videos that are shared through youtube. One of these is the one taken by the young Carlos Vega, where a multicolored UFO can be seen over the skies of Lajas, P.R., on May 5, 2014.

There is a great variety of videos that people share on YouTube, but they have not been evaluated to identify if they are reliable; In addition to that there are people who are dedicated to making videos in order to ridicule and whose purpose is to discredit the serious investigations made by other people who only want to clarify with data the sightings.



The UFO phenomenon in P.R. It has been one that has taken off particularly since the 90’s when the number of sightings increased. There are many skeptics and even many questions about the reported sighting events and even when there is film evidence. Also, it is true that the existence of extraterrestrial and UFO sightings has not been proven infallible.

However, for people who have witnessed such events, there is no doubt about what they have witnessed through their senses.



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