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UFO or “ball of ray” sighted in Granada

Details of what happened in Cogollos de Guadix, Granada

A luminous object was sighted by the neighborhood in Cogollos de Guadix, Granada, in February 2019. It caused damage in a municipality of Granada.

The mayor of that municipality, Eduardo Matos, contacted the experts of the University of Granada to investigate what happened that Thursday afternoon.

Several fleeting lights were observed and one of these caused damage to the roof of a house in the municipality of Granada, known as Cogollos de Guadix.

Possible causes of what happened in Granada

So far one of the explanations is that it was a “meteor shower”. However, although scientists have not been able to specify the cause, they dismiss which could be meteorites since no observatory of astrophysics has collected data on the event occurred.

A researcher at the University of Huelva, the astronomer José María Madiedo, points out that it has been something very local and that there have not been any notable incidents. It claims that it can be an “electrical type” phenomenon, known as “ball lightning” or “globular lightning”.

This phenomenon is characterized, unlike the conventional rays, the descent of the electricity on the terrestrial surface is in the form of a ball. It presents variability in its speed of displacement so its fall can be slow or fleeting. When the ball ray falls and touches the surface, its energy is deposited, and it breaks the object. This explains what happened with the destruction of the roof of the house.

Everything still at the level of possible theories and they have not been able to verify in their entirety.


At the moment remains a mystery of what happened with the lights sighted in February 2019 in Granada. So here, only is exposed the available data. We leave the conclusion or opinion at the discretion of the reader.

It is still interesting and mysterious natural phenomena that we witness to daily life and they are still unexplainable.



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