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Thera, the end of the advanced civilization of the Minoans

Brief summary from the event to the present

There was a small island about 1628 B.C. that after the eruption of a volcano located in its center, it had a terrible explosion that caused its peak to sink and the center of the island disappeared into the depths of the Aegean Sea, near the coast of Greece.

Currently the island is known as Santorini. There are researchers coming from Radars who carry out excavations without damaging the site. Through this means they have managed to locate prehistoric homes in the Red Mountain. The restaurateurs recompose the frescoes of Akrotiri, a city of advanced level comparable to Pompeii, which was also destroyed by a volcanic eruption, but 1,700 years earlier.

Historical data according to findings and investigations

It is said that by 1628 B.C. a terrible event happened in the one known at that time as the island of Thera, where the earth began to tremble, all the houses built in stone collapsed and it was all because the volcano that was in its center began to erupt. Being extreme its explosion both its top and the center of the island disappeared and sank deep in the Aegean Sea. This changed its form completely and everything else was covered by a dense layer of ashes.

It is said that weeks before the event the inhabitants knew what was going to happen through what they escaped in their boats to save their lives. It is estimated that the eruption raised a column of smoke 40 kilometers above sea level. The water was contaminated by toxic minerals, produced droughts and because the sun was covered by the ash cloud, climatic changes such as hail rain were caused.

Other subsequent seismic phenomena occurred for decades leaving the island uninhabited for many centuries. Which it  caused the end of the Minoan Empire. Although there is no evidence of what happened to the survivors of Thera Island, some historians suggest they went to Greece or Italy, others to Egypt and Palestine.

The Minoans are considered a very intelligent, advanced and highly technological culture. Chales Pellerino, author of the book The Mystery of Atlantis, referring to the advanced knowledge of the inhabitants of the island said that: “if Thera had not exploded it could have reached television in the time of Christ.

In 2007, archaeologists found fragments of volcanic lava from the volcanic eruption at Thera in what was the ancient fortress of Tharo. Archaeologists have discovered streets of a city, beautiful paintings on the walls, but not valuable objects or skeletons. Consequently it is thought that they had enough time to prepare and escape so it is calculated up to 24 months before the event.

There are those who suggest that this event gives rise to what became known as the legend of Atlantis. It is still under investigation by historians and archaeologists.


A series of inexplicable and mysterious events have occurred on our planet and we have obtained data from civilizations much more advanced than ours that make us reflect on how all this has influenced our history and the development of human civilization.

This interesting and mysterious past contains hidden events that would explain and clear up doubts as to our reality in all aspects both socially, politically, religiously, spiritually, economically in the different nations of the world and mainly in the primary purpose of the existence of the human race.

You reach your own conclusions.



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