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Theories about travels to future or the past

Albert Einstein said that it was only possible to travel in time to the future and not to the past, he argued that the faster an object moved, the more time passed around it. If we want to advance in time fast enough, we must reach the speed of light. There is a theory of wormholes where it is said that it is “likely” to travel to the past, but it has not been scientifically proven. However, there is scientific evidence of a trip to the future in the person of Sergei Krikliov, a cosmonaut who spent three years traveling at 27,000 kilometers per hour and which resulted in a trip to the future to only a few fractions of time.

The scientist Stephen Hawking said that the time elapsed for a ship moving at 98% of the speed of light a day, would be equivalent to a calendar year on planet Earth.
For what it has been possible to verify the time travel towards the future is feasible, not like this towards the past, that still remains to be verified.

Curious facts about this phenomenon of traveling through time expressed in photos and narrations

One of those cases is that of John Titor, where he is presented in a photo located in Canada and for the year 1941, where he is present in the middle of a crowd that seems to observe something and he is dressed in clothes of the 21st century; You can see that he has sunglasses, a shirt, a sweatshirt and what looks like a Polaroid camera. Supposedly I travel to the past to recover a computer. Appears in American forums giving supposed forecasts of the future. It was found that the photo is not a montage, after analysis with forensics, who confirmed that there was no manipulation.

Another case is that of Sir Victor Goddard, in 1935, of the British Air Force (RAF). When traveling from Edemburgo to its base in Andover, England, it passed over an abandoned airfield in Drem. Suddenly a strange storm caused him to start spiraling towards the ground. When he approached the storm had already disappeared and all the Drem was different, because the hangars were new, the mechanics dressed in blue when supposedly dressed in brown, none of the mechanics seemed to notice their presence, the planes were color yellow and there was a monoplane that the RAF did not have in 1935. Then the storm started again, but I manage to return to Andover. The RAF began painting its yellow planes four years later so it is reasonable to think if it traveled four years to the future and then returned to its own time.

Another case related to the subject is the one known as the highway to the past, where a man identified as L.C. and his partner were driving north from Abbeville, Louisiana, to Lafayette, on Highway 167.
The road was empty until they noticed the presence of a car of almost 30 years old in perfect condition. They thought they were coming from some old car show. The old vehicle was slow and managed to approach and realize that the driver was a young woman dressed in the 40s, and the other passenger was a child equally dressed.

L.C. He asked her if she needed help, while they observed that she looked terrified and confused. She indicated that “yes”, so she beckoned him to park the car, but when he stopped in front of the old car and got out of his car, the old car had disappeared.

In 1972, four students from the Southern University of Utah were heading to their homes in Cedar City and in the course they noticed that the black asphalt turned into white cement that ended in a cliff. Because of what they saw and feeling lost, one of them asked for help from men who came out of a house, leaning out the window, but immediately began to shout at the driver to leave. They were chased by strange, three-wheeled, egg-shaped vehicles. They managed to escape and found their way to the well-known road. The one who shouted affirms that men were not human.

There is another unexplainable case that can be related to trips to the future is a photo where a woman with a Smartphone appears in 1938. There are some women who walk happily down the street and one of them seems to have a mobile phone in her ear. A technology that was developed forty years later. Some say they were prototypes of cordless phones from the Dupont company in Massachusetts (E.U.); something that was denied by employees of this era.

Another unusual case is that a Swiss watch was found in Si Qing’s grave. The coffin had remained sealed and was more than four hundred years old. It is unlikely that someone would place him there. In 2002, Andrew Carssin was arrested for having carried out operations with high risk actions and in all of them achieving success. Start with $ 800 dollars and finished with 350 million dollars. By chance or not, it is somewhat strange; He also argued when he was arrested by the police who had the ability to travel back in time and had inside information of the year 2200. To prove this, he offered to reveal the whereabouts of Osama Bin Laden or the cure of AIDS in exchange for a lesser sentence than Let him go back to his time. There are other cases, but I mention only some of them that seem inexplicable to this day.

Exhibition in the cinema on the subject of traveling in time

Time travel is a theme in film films such as: “Back to the Future”, Interestellar, TimeLine, The Time Machine and Looper: Assassins of the future. In them, the consequences of traveling in time are exposed.

Cabe recordar que si fueran realidad los viajes en el tiempo se deben tener la precaución del efecto mariposa. O sea, las consecuencias futuras que ocasionarían si viajas al pasado y cambias los eventos posteriores.


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