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The Spy Plane of Area 51

Description of the plane “Tacit Blue”

There is an airplane at the National Air Ferry Museum, near Dayton, Ohio, which is known as the “Tacit Blue.” Its shape is like an upside down bathtub with wings, something strange to be an airplane. But it was for the use of espionage and was among the most confidential military artifacts in the country.

This secret project was nicknamed by the engineers with the name of “whale” as a mockery. It was created during the period of the Cold War.

Some history related to this spy plane

In general it was a strategy of the pentagon in the Cold War where there was a secret project whose purpose was to create a plane that evaded the Soviet radars. For this a “black program” was created whose purpose was to develop the “Tacit Blue”. It was tested at a Nevada government air base called Area 51, as revealed by the CIA documents that were released in 2013.

This program was in force from 1978 to 1985 with the purpose of creating an aircraft to monitor the battlefield. Prior to the release of the document, the existence of Area 51 was denied. Area 51 is in the vicinity of Lake Groom, Nevada. It is a place to test the secret technologies of the American nation.

There were two pilots who flew the Tacit Blue, Ken Dyson and Russ Easter, who spoke about the importance of this plane. The Tacit Blue had 135 flights and was never put into production. However, this leads to existence of the B-2 Spirit bomber, since it showed that aircraft with curved surfaces could evade the radar.

There is doubt as to whether this plane was ever mistaken for a UFO, but both pilots denied that such a circumstance occurred. However, the wife of the first Tacit Blue test pilot, known as Richard G “Dick” Thomas made some interesting revelations. Cynda Thomas, Dick’s wife, alleges that she was with her husband in Los Angeles and that a pilot approached her husband and told him that he saw him flying the Tacit Blue and reported him as a UFO. It is said that it was very difficult to fly and it was the most unstable plane to fly.

It is believed that in the past some pilots reported some sightings that could have been secret aircraft in flight tests. According to a report from the Air Force of 2011, it is alleged that mechanical remains of a secret project called “Have Blue” is buried in Lake Groom, which is located within area 51.

Dyson denies that related to Have Blue and warns would not answer about it if that were the case. This is because he was taught to keep the secret and to be discipline with his secret work. He alleges that even his wife did not know what he was doing. Richard also hid it until 1972, since in that year he decided to reveal to his wife that “he was in the black world”.


According to the data, there is doubt as to whether some UFO sightings were aircraft created for purposes of espionage and military use or were actually extraterrestrial craft. However, according to the descriptions presented here and the evidence that exists about UFOs can be compared and reach to a better conclusion about it. The UFO phenomenon remains as a mystery and requires further analysis. Here is the data exposed so that the reader can reach their own conclusions.



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