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The Russian Secret Book of Alien Races

Many theories have arisen on the subject of alien life. I must mention that the term alien refers to extraterrestrial (outside the planet), intraterrestrial (inside the planet) and interdimensional (other dimensions). Some think that we are not alone in the universe and others who do affirm it with an attitude of faith. The point is that many mysteries have been linked to this phenomenon and the reasons are numerous. On this occasion, we will mention a book that allegedly talks about the existence of these extraterrestrial beings.

The Russian Secret Book of Alien Races

At the time when communism ruled Russia, an enigmatic book was published with the intention of making known to the secret agents the different alien races that have visited our planet. When Communism weakened, the book fell into the hands of a diplomatic who went to live in Portugal. Then the official’s son found them and made them known.

The book tells us how different races of aliens have communicated and spread information about the diversity of these beings. More than 50 different species are mentioned where they exhibit varieties of species that we know as Gray, Reptilian, Nordic, Insectoid and others that we have traditionally associated with elemental beings. Some of them are not visible to the human eye and it is alleged that governments have designed artifacts to detect them.

On the other hand, they mention the types of ships used by each race and the historical events in which they have supposedly been involved. In addition, the planet from which each one comes is revealed. The intentions attributed to each race vary by groups of these. There are those who are interested in experimenting with humans, others are looking for mineral and organic resources on the planet. Some seek to help in the evolution of man while others seek to control it by power. Finally, there are races whose intentions are unknown.

Looking Deeper

Despite the skepticism of many, the book has gained much acceptance among researchers and interested in the subject. It is very complicated to validate the legitimacy of its content since it is a book in which it has been published in different years. There is data that is as recent as 2013 and everything has been digitally reissued. If the original book existed, it would be very different from the one we have access to. The images shown belong to artistic works that best represented the descriptions. In the content, we will see the designs and plans of different ships and alleged historical documents.


Determining whether the book is true or false would be really complicated. The reissue and lack of evidence about the original book leaves a large space of doubt about its validity. However, it seems to me that the book expands the contexts of our research. This makes the book become a reference for many of the cases we have already seen. For now, it will be up to each of you to make your own conclusions in this regard.

Heres the book, so you can make your own conclusions:


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