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The Philadelphia Project

Beginnings of the mysterious Philadelphia Experiment

It is believed that everything began in 1939, when scientists were interested in the research of Nikola Tesla, inventor and expert in electromagnetism, and Albert Einstein. It is said that they saw it possible that with the help of these experts they could bend the rays of light that reach the objects to make them invisible. Hence the interest of the US government to apply it to their warships because they had been overwhelmed by the powerful U-Boot submarines in the Atlantic.

According to the historian and journalist, Jesús Hernández, it is because of this that he decided to take the experiment. In his book Enigmas and Mysteries of the Second World War he tries to find an explanation to this; from the official version to the outrageous testimonies, only in order for the reader to determine the veracity of the facts.

History perpetuated by conspiracy theorists

In the middle of the Second World War, on October 28, 1943, the largest military secret was developed in the naval shipyards of Philadelphia. This consisted in making a warship invisible to radars and human eyes, and then appear hundreds of kilometers away.

The Philadelphia Experiment was the name that the American ufologist, Morris K. Jessup gave to a supposed experiment where the destroyer escort of the Navy USS Eldridge was made invisible; and involuntarily it would have been teleported 600 KM to the port of Norfolk (State of Virginia) round trip.

There is an urban legend about a supposed program of the US Navy. called the Rainbow Project (better known as the Philadelphia Experiment). It is said that an electromagnetic field generator was being tested to try to find practical applications to the unified field theory proposed by Einstein. In other words, they intended to achieve invisibility.

This required two powerful generators, tens of meters of electric cable around the hull and other electronic devices of great complexity for the USS Eldridge. This supposed experiment occurred on July 22, 1943, where the battleship disappeared from sight for a few minutes and was observed surrounded by a greenish mist. Some of the sailors suffered from nausea and dizziness.

It is said that on October 28 the equipment was readjusted for a second test. This time the whole ship disappeared and appeared at the naval base in Norfolk, 600 kilometers away and 15 minutes in the past. There he was sighted for 15 minutes, then disappeared in the middle of a blue lightning bolt and returned to Philadelphia.

The urban legend says that the consequences were devastating on this occasion and that for this the Navy canceled the project. The majority of the crew developed schizophrenia, some were critically injured as they materialized and others less fortunate merged into the ship’s hull. Others vanished and never appeared again.

The Navy has always denied the existence of any invisibility or teleportation program, as well as the involvement of Albert Einstein with this experiment.

Reasons to come to light the Philadelphia Experiment

All this comes to light through letters from Carl Meredith Allen, merchant marine, who says saw the USS Eldridge disappear from his own ship, the SS Andrew Furuseth and sent to the ufologist Morris Jessup. Although he did not offer evidence, Morris decides to include this story in his book entitled The Case of UFOs.

Morris, who was selling cars, lost his job in 1958, his wife left him and some friends described him as “unstable” when he traveled to New York. When he returned to Florida he had a car accident and on April 29, 1959, at 59 years old, he was killed by the exhaust gases of his vehicle, apparently, he committed suicide.

After Morris committed suicide four years later, the circumstances of his death lead to the government’s cover-up theory taking hold, and therefore, the belief in the Philadelphia experiment increases.

On the other hand, Carl Allen died in a psychiatric asylum at 68 years old. Regarding his life history, we are told he was in the US Army, but he was licensed for psychiatric problems in May 1943 and in July 1943 he entered the Merchant Navy. He left the navy in 1952 and since then he has been a vagabond.

Data related to the alleged Philadelphia Experiment

It should be noted that for the 40’s the US Navy. I was experimenting with invisibility. Not the invisibility to the naked eye if not the one to reduce the magnetic field so that their ships were not detected and to be an easy target of the magnetic mines and torpedoes. This technique is called “Degausing” and they used a system that surrounded the entire hull with electric cables.

One of the sailors, Edward Dudgeon, who was aboard the USS Eldridge, says that the “degausing” was installed by a private staff and no one of them knew exactly what they were installing, so they started speculations and rumors of ” make the ship invisible. ” In addition, the ship as such, had secret equipment, a new type of sonar to plant depth charges called Hedgehog. For what justifies the lightning described in the alleged Philadelphia experiment as the discharge of ionized plasma known as fire from San Telmo.

Dudgeon says that the origin of the disappearance was because they released moorings and arrived in less than six hours using the Chesapecke & Delaware canal, avoiding the peninsula’s turnaround.

He explains that his disappearance from a tavern was only due to the help of a barkeep that took him and another out the back door since a fight was formed and they were not old enough to be there drinking. In his explanation, he discards that they had vanished or disappeared due to the Philadelphia Experiment.


It must be said that Albert Einstein was working on unified field theory, combining the equations that govern the interaction of matter, between this and light and both with gravity. It is intended to deform the flow of light, alter the relationship time and space, teleportation or make things invisible. He confirmed it himself but said he had never been able to prove it.

While this was happening, the alleged disappearance of the USS Eldridge occurred, so there is a doubt that Einstein could not prove his theory, and therefore, it is suspected that he may have been cooperating with the US government. in the Philadelphia Experiment.

Tesla spoke about teleportation through electric and magnetic fields. However, according to written evidence, both Tesla and Einstein did not have a good relationship between them. In fact, Tesla did not believe in Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and so he made it known in writing. So it’s hard to believe they worked together.

As for the suicide of Morris Jessup, there are doubts that it was the cause. Anna Genzlinger thoroughly investigated Jessup’s death and concluded that he was under some kind of control. It must be remembered that this was the era of secret mind control experiments by government agencies and that they have recently been discovered. Another fact that creates serious doubts is that, contrary to the state law, the autopsy of the corpse was not carried out.

Another rare case to explain is that of Carl Allen who dies in a psychiatric asylum. It is alluded to when he entered the US Navy. He was later licensed for psychiatric problems specifically in May 1943 and later in July of that same year he was accepted into the Merchant Navy. It is hard to believe that he was accepted only two months after being licensed by the Navy for psychiatric problems. He is questionable about his psychiatric problems and if this was something real or there was some manipulation with his record while he was in the army.

The truth is that given his diagnosis and being located in a place for people with mental problems makes people doubt his testimony regarding what he supposedly saw on the day of the Philadelphia Experiment.

There are data that support that is only an urban legend and that the facts have been misrepresented, but there are situations like the ones mentioned above that cast doubt and point out that there were conspiracies to discredit the existence of a Philadelphia Experiment.

There are the data and there are the references for what the reader judges and reaches his own conclusions.









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