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The Mystery of the Green Children

According to the writer William of Newburgh, during the reign of King Stephen, some villagers discovered two children, a girl and her brother in the wolf holes (holes that were made for the wolves to fall and thus protect the cattle).
They had green skin and spoke an unknown language; his clothing was rudimentary. According to another writer, Ralph de Coggeshall, these were taken to the home of Richard de Calne.

Interesting facts according to English writers

Both writers agree that both children refused to consume any food for several days until they found some green beans. They gradually adapted to a normal diet and lost their green color. But the boy did not survive for long as his sister, he died shortly after being baptized. Both when learning the English language could communicate and explain that they came from a land where the sun never shone and the light was like twilight. They called it the Land of St. Martin and they added that everything was green there.
They were able to explain that they were following a cattle that was heading towards a cave, guided by the bells until they emerged to the English world. They fell into the hole to catch wolves and from where they were rescued. The girl grew up and worked as a servant at the home of Richard de Calne, then married an official of Richard Barre, with whom he had a son.

Explanations of the mystery

Some doctors suggest that the children suffered from chlorosis, an anemic disease characterized by a greenish tinge on the skin. But this theory is not completely accepted. In terms of language, some think it is the Flemish dialect, spoken in northern Belgium and in the south of the Netherlands. However, this theory is rejected since in the 12th century, there were already maritime routes between Great Britain and the continent, so that the people of Woolpit could reach people who spoke this language, which results in that dialect had not It was unknown to the villagers.


There are a variety of theories and the explanations have not been entirely satisfactory so the legend continues in force. Judge yourself based on the data offered and the evidence through the links shared here.





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