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The Mystery of the Bosnian pyramids

Introduction to the mystery of the bosnian pyramids

It is currently a pseudo archaeological claim promoted by Bosnian businessman Semir Osmanagic. The businessman says that four natural hills in Visoko, Bosnia, northwest of Sarajevo are actually hidden pyramids under vegetation.

All this became a media campaign in the year 2005. Osmanagic claims that the pyramids are interconnected by tunnels and formed by blocks of ancient stones. Understand that they were built by the same people who built the Mesoamerican and Egyptian pyramids. So to test his theory he organized in 2006 the “Pyramid Foundation Bosnia del Sol”.

He named the Visocica hill as the “Pyramid of the Sun” and two other nearby hills such as the “Pyramid of the Moon” (Pljeserica hill) and the other “Bosnian Pyramid of the Dragon”. He mentioned two other hills which he called the “Pyramid of the Earth” and the “Pyramid of Love”. There are press articles citing Osmanagic’s claims that they were built by former inhabitants who lived in the area between 12,000 years BC. and 500 years A.C.

Controversies between the scientific community and Osamanagic and his followers

The European Association of Archaeologists vigorously protested against the support of Bosnian authorities for the so-called “pyramid” project in the Visoko Hills. They claimed that it was a hoax and that these funds should be better used to protect the genuine archaeological heritage.

There are several experts who deny the veracity of what was alleged by Osamanagic about the existence of the pyramids, that they were built 12,000 years BC. and the one that is credited with bioenergetic healing effects. They are based on the fact that by that time the Upper Palaeolithic era and the only constructions were huts.

Some ex-employees of the excavation assured that the sizes in the stones that Osamanagic describes as old were not really at the beginning of being discovered but that those writings were added by their team.

However, Osamanagic continues with its project in 2011 and with the excavations that are still being financed by local authorities. Osamanagic supports his thesis based on the presence in the area of ​​strange rock spheres, which according to him, exist only in three areas of the planet: Costa Rica, Mexico and Bosnia. He adds that the spheres are related to the construction of pyramids and were elements of a global energy network emplaced with mathematical precision by the ancient Atlanteans.

Osamanagic and his team found slabs by removing sediments that had been deposited on their slopes. These tiles were distributed in such a way that they open the structure in the form of terraces. The surprising thing is its great size and the precision in which they were placed.

It was alleged that a group of physicists detected a beam of energy that comes through the top of the “Pyramid of the Sun”. In addition to pointing out that the radius of the beam was 4.5 meters with a frequency of 28 kHz. The beam was continuous and its strength grew as it moved up and away from the pyramid. This phenomenon contradicts the known laws of physics and technology.

However, there are those who differ and question whether they have been true scientists or physicists and claim that the foregoing is false. They also contradict the origin of the spherical stones claiming that the Costa Rican s are of artificial origin and those of Mexico are of natural origin (of volcanic origin). Geologists call them mega-spherulites. They claim that this phenomenon does not occur exclusively in Mexico and Bosnia as Osamanagic claims. as for the tunnels they claim that it is the product of a legend of the area in which it was alleged that children could climb to the top by means of tunnels.


In history, there have always been plenty of folk tales or legends, but the monetary support of the Bosnian government and its support for Osamanagic is surprising. Meanwhile, the controversy is maintained by archaeologists who claim that they will only destroy the place because they are making mystical tunnels.

The controversy continues between both sides so that those who do not support the excavation are considered traitors and those who support it are subject to ridicule and contempt by the other side skeptics to the subject.

Here only the data is exposed and we leave it to the reader’s consideration to issue his own judgment on the matter.


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