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The Mysterious Mngwa or Nunda

Description of the mythical feline known as Mngwa or Nunda

This mysterious animal managed to plant many problems on the coasts of Tanzania, ancient Tanganyika. Its name means: “the strange animal” or “the stranger”. It is described as similar to the panther, but the size of a lion and which has anthropological habits (it feeds on human flesh). Its main physical characteristic is a striped skin similar to the tiger, but its colors are less resplendent. Looking at it from a distance seems to have only one color.

Some history about the mythical feline

Recreation of a Nunda by William Rebsamen

The first testimonies that claim to have seen it date from the 20th century by British settlers in 1922. They claimed to have confronted the animal in a Tanzanian fishing village in where he beheaded several people. In 1938, William Hichens declared in scientific publication “Discovery” that several Indians were attacked by the Mngwa. In 1954, Patric Bomen, discovers the footprints of the Mngwa as identical to those of a leopard, but much larger. This mythical animal is present in indigenous folklore since the 12th century, where it is mentioned in a poem that states: “I went inside the forest to be devoured there by the strange animal. ”

The Legend of the Mngwa

According to legend, Sultan Majnun had a strange cat, which escaped one day and started killing chickens. All the men who worked for the Sultan tried to find him, but without success. The animal undertook it against even larger animals such as sheep and goats. Finally, the Sultan despaired and declared that he was not a simple cat, that he was a Nunda, a “stranger” that he had captured some time ago. It is then that he decides to kill him. The son of Sultan Manjun offered to help his father and kill such a devastating predator, and following the indications and descriptions of the animal killed a dog, a civet, a zebra, a giraffe, a rhinoceros, and an elephant, before getting This one must be the Nunda. “As I was told, the ears of this animal are small and this one’s ears, they also told me that it was wider than long and this animal It is, they told me that their fur and spots are similar to those of the civets, and this animal is, finally, they told me that its tail was thick, and the tail of this animal is, all the features described They are in this animal. ” In fact, the animal that was killed by the son of the Sultan was Nunda. The son of the Sultan inherited the kingdom and is said to have ruled with justice for many years.


The mystery of the Mngwa has terrorized Africans for thousands of years. There are those who think that it is some unknown species of huge cat and possibly related to the species of leopards. Others think or prefer the idea of ​​the legend about the mythical feline. The reality is that nobody has managed to hunt any of these. So there is no conclusive evidence of its existence. So it is still a mystery that keeps the legend of the Mngwa.


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