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The mysterious death of Juan Ramon Saenz

Paranormal research brings effects on the lives of who leads it. Opens the door to a wider dimension and risks may be regrettable. In this case, we will talk about one of the most regrettable deaths for all who appreciate his legacy and quality of human being. Let’s know the mysteries after the death of the speaker, author, and paranormal investigator Juan Ramon Saenz.

Who was Juan Ramon Saenz?

Juan Ramon Saenz was a well-known Mexican broadcaster for his successful program “La Mano Peluda”. In this radio program, the audience called to tell their experiences or paranormal stories generally occurred to him or someone close to it. Juan Ramon was known for the respect in which he treated those who told his stories. Juan Ramon did not make fun of his interviewees and treated each case as a paranormal case. This allowed him to be objective while at the same time collaborating with his knowledge to the interviewee. Many times he helped people who were going through difficult situations because of paranormal experiences and in some cases, he offered to follow up the story with an investigation.

Juan Ramon participated in other programs such as “Exhalofrio” and “Aquí se respira el miedo”. He wrote several books derived from the experiences lived as a result of his program. After 14 years in the program, Juan Ramon Saenz decides to retire because he was diagnosed with cancer that he soon recovered thanks to the respective medical treaties. After a while, he dies mysteriously.


La Mano Peluda and the controversial case

The program “The Hairy Hand” was very popular even with the hours of a little before midnight. In it, there were cases of appearances of ghosts, demons, possessed people, goblins, enchanted objects, cryptozoological creatures and extraterrestrial abductions, and much more. Basically, the content of stories from “The Hairy Hand” exposed a supernatural dimension in Mexican daily life. There were many cases that were controversial but possibly the most that left spoke about was Joshua’s case.

The case of Joshua was very shocking for the production as well as for the listeners. Joshua was a boy who claimed he had financial problems in the family so he exchanged with the devil his soul because he needed money and wanted power. In his story, he explains that in order to make the agreement, he needed to kill someone important to him and murdered his grandmother. After this statement, it was not long when the call was cut and Juan Ramón was very interested in helping that boy get out of that pact.

A few years later, Joshua was seen again, the television program team “Paranormal”, with Juan Ramon, went to interview him in a boat as, apparently, in this way, the demons could not harm them. After that interview, the members present in the boat suffered tragedies. The cameraman needed to be surgically operated. Mario Estrada, the investigator on this case, suffered a very serious car accident. Finally, Juan Ramon Saenz, who had recovered from cancer, died of peritonitis due to gastrointestinal bacteria.

The mystery beyond the circumstances

This series of events have made think, to more than one, the possible connection between the told misfortunes with Joshua, and they are not satisfied with the evidence that shows no relation to the facts. Not only those we mentioned suffered misfortunes after the Joshua case but also one of the collaborators of the program who also tried to help the boy: the pastor Roberto Guazo. It is said that they even died on nearby dates. In the face of such coincidence, should we doubt the evidence that denies the connection?


The mystery surrounding this death and the events related make his a paranormal case. No evidence has been found to show that Joshua was the cause of all these misfortunes. In an interview that was made to Joshua in which he was asked directly if it was related to all these series of events, he replied that no, but that Juan Ramón Saenz was already very weak and that other person wanted to see him dead. The coincidences are overwhelming in this case that we will continue detailing from other angles. However, the truth before this case remains incredible.


Did you ever hear about the program of Juan Ramon Saenz? Do you think they are coincidences or is there something more about the facts of Juan Ramon Saenz? Who would be those other people who wanted him dead? Leave your comments and opinions below.

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