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The Mustang house in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico

Hauntings can manifest themselves in various ways. It is possible that they happen to people, objects, and even places. They are usually the product of a ritual that is often of malign origin. This is what is rumored that happened in a house in the town of Mayagüez in Puerto Rico.

The Mustang House

Going into the town of Mayagüez, we will find an abandoned house that, for those who do not know its legend, would be a house home from which you pass by. If you stop to see it, you will notice that there is an old Mustang quite destroyed in the marquee and the gate forced by the corners. It is possible that when you pass by the house you will see people visiting the house already quite destroyed by time and abandonment. This happens because of the legend that haunts the house.

It is said that the family built the house but lived it very little time. It is alleged that they had economic problems and one of the members of the family made a pact in the middle of Holy Week. Since then, paranormal events abounded in that place where the owner left the house with a classic Mustang (in perfect condition at that time) in the marquee.

Since then, many who observed the abandoned house Mustang realized that it was unusual to find it in such circumstances. Over time some people tried to get him out of there but it is said that for some strange reason they could not get it out. Of these incidents, it is mentioned that on one occasion they tried to remove the vehicle with a crane and the attempts to remove it was unsuccessful since the chain broke.

The rumors of the house have spread so much that many people from different places have passed through the house and, as a result of this, the rumors increased. It is said that they can perceive presences in the place while others claim to see lights there. Others claim that the atmosphere of the place feels heavy as it happens in so many alleged haunted houses.

Case Investigation

There are those who say that they went to bless that house. However, the reality is that the legend of this house seems to be a much worse curse than the one it may have. Many neighbors have expressed disgust at the visits to the Mustang house. While some visit that house motivated by genuine curiosity, others will maliciously vandalize and disturb the peace of the place. Proof of this is the status of the Mustang today, which has no engine or almost any other important component. The vehicle has remained like a burnt shell. In the same way, the house has been the victim of such abuses.

The neighbors of the place claim that much of what is said is false. Even the owner of the property was still alive. What is a real mystery is why he left the house with a classic car in perfect condition. This has also generated theories away from the paranormal subject.


We can not say whether the stories claimed to have been witnessed are true. The reality is that the house of the Mustang became a tourist destination for all those who have an interest in the paranormal. It is at the discretion of each one to decide what is the real mystery in this unusual case.

Below I include a video by  callisto28 in which filmed said house:

** In the comments they noticed that between the minute 0:08 and 0:12 a dark shadow is seen in the upper window.


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