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The miracles that allowed the beatification and canonization of John Paul II

Brief history of Karol Wojtyla, better known as the traveling Pope or John Paul II

In this article Pope John Paul II is remembered by his life and his contribution to the world. It is also considering, that the anniversary of his death occurred in 2005, was recently fulfilled on April 2, 2005. In addition considering to being celebrating Holy Week worldwide. Karol Wojtyla was born on May 18, 1920 in Poland. This Pope of Polish nationality is Pope number 264 of the Catholic Church. His pontificate lasted almost 27 years, making it the third longest in the history of the Catholic Church. The one in San Pedro is believed to have lasted between 34 and 37 years and that of Pío IX was 31 years.

He is considered a great contributor in improving relations between the Catholic Church and other religions such as Judaism, Islam, the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Anglican Communion. In addition, for his great contribution in ending communism in his native Poland. He knew many languages ​​such as: Italian, French, German, Portuguese, Ukrainian, Russian, Croatian, Esperanto and Ancient Greek. He was one of the world’s most travelers leaders in history. He managed to visit 129 countries during his pontificate.

He died on April 2, 2005 as a result of his Parkinson’s disease and the complications that this entails.

The miracles that allowed the beatification and subsequent canonization of John Paul II

There are two miracles that allowed the beatification and subsequent canonization of John Paul II and these were the healing of Marie Simon-Pierre and the healing of the Costa Rican Floribeth Mora.

The healing of Marie Simon-Pierre led to the beatification of John Paul II. Marie Simon-Pierre is a French nun belonging to the Little Sisters of the Catholic Maternities who was born in France in 1962. Marie suffered from the same illness that John Paul II suffered. However, in the case of the Pope, the disease progressed rapidly and culminated with his death on April 2, 2005. The diagnosis of the religious of Parkinson’s disease was given in June 2001. She declared in an interview on French Catholic television some unpublished details of her miraculous healing.

According to Marie, the death of Pope John Paul II greatly impacted her because he was a good friend to her, who understood her and gave her strength to move on. The fact of sharing the same pain was a bond. She recalls that on May 13, 2005, the beginning of the beatification process of John Paul II was announced. She indicates that it is from that day that the French and African houses of the Congregation, of which she was a sister, initiated the petition of Pope Wojtyla’s intercession for the restoration of her health. However, she indicated that her condition continued to worsen and rapidly. And on the morning of June 2, 2005, she presented a critical deterioration of her condition and felt that she could not do it anymore. Then she went to her superior to ask for her resignation at her service.

However, her superior refused and encouraged her to continue trusting in the intercession of John Paul II. It was at that precise moment that she was seized by a deep peace and serenity. She accepted the request of her superior to write the name of John Paul II. She made a scrawl of legible strokes with the intention that if she believed the miracle could happen. She left and continued with her service. At night, when she returned to her room, she tried again to write. Which to her surprise was an action she could do with relative ease. She indicated that another finding was the fact that she was able to sleep well, without the usual insomnia that her condition caused.

She claimed that on June 3 she woke up an hour earlier than was established and felt an inner joy and great peace. In addition, that in the gestures of her body there were also changes. When she goes to the chapel, she notices that her left arm was no longer motionless when walking. When she was communing, she was certain that she was completely healed. Remember that at that moment she felt great joy; not only because of her healing, but because this evidenced that it would be an instrument for the glorification of the Polish Pope.

The other case of the healing of the Costa Rican Floribeth Mora entrusted the canonization of John Paul II. Floribeth Mora is a Costa Rican woman suffering from a brain aneurysm. According to Floribeth, she was at home expecting to die of an inoperable cerebral aneurysm. It was on May 1, 2011, when John Paul II was beatified in Rome, when looking at the image of Karol Wojtyla in a booklet soon this begins to acquire a third dimension. It was appreciated that he left the cover and stretched his arms towards her as if encouraging her to stand up and check that she was healthy. She heard the pontiff’s voice saying, “Get up, do not be afraid.” I did, but did not tell immediately. I was afraid they thought I was crazy.

After this, she felt better and medical tests ruled out any aneurysm, thus proving his inexplicable healing before science.

The healing story written in February 2012 fell on Rome. He was canonized in 2014 by Pope Francis.


Miracles are extraordinary and wonderful events that can not be explained by the regular laws of nature and are attributed to the intervention of God or a supernatural being. These are considered in the Catholic Church for both beatification and canonization and to be considered holy.

In this article the miracles to be declared holy to Pope John Paul II are mentioned.

Given the rigor of the processes and the overwhelming evidence, the existence of such miracles is considered true. It is confirmed this way since they escape scientific understanding.


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