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The Messages of Water

According to the alternative doctor, Masaru Emoto, water captures environmental information. He found that the pure water from springs or glaciers crystallized in a symmetrical and clear way, however, the contaminated water of the cities did not reach to crystallize clearly.

Important Data and Findings of Water Messages

According to his experiments, he can be influenced by music, words, and thoughts. Through photographs, after the water was exposed to these, it was found that the positive vibrations from crystals with a clear hexagonal shape, symmetrical and bright. In other words, it could be evidenced by samples and photographs. It also does the same, but exposing the water to negative vibrations such as loud music and hateful words, giving rise to the formation of chaotic, asymmetrical and dark forms.

Emoto understands that as an alternative doctor he must defend his theory that to cure any disease, drugs or chemicals are not needed, but the most important thing is the water that we have in the body.

His theory is that healing arises because God designed us based on vibrations. Therefore, if an abnormal vibration is generated in any part of the body, it becomes diseased. Understand that through water you can return to the natural state.

Emoto gives as an example a headache, in which we use an aspirin, this generates vibrations opposed to the pain and thus neutralizes it. But he understands that we can create with water that is transmitted or even without the need for chemicals.


Summary of Emoto’s Research Results

Something interesting about the results of Emoto’s research was the word “Thank you” in English or “Gracias” in Spanish, which evoked different crystalline formations that the same word in Japanese.

Another fact is that when water is taken from clean mountain springs and streams, the structures that form are beautiful contrary to when the water is stagnant or polluted where the crystals are deformed.

The distilled water exposed to classical music forms symmetrical and delicate crystals. On the contrary, the water was exposed to a song by Elvis Presley, “The Hotel of Sadness”, resulting in the ice crystals splitting in two. Exposure to music as “heavy metal” or negative words did not form crystals but rather chaotic and fragmented structures.

If the water is treated with floral oils the result is that the crystals mimic the shape of the original flower.

Even, it is amazing how the word “Let’s do it” forms crystals, however, the word “Do it” did not form any crystal.



The thoughts, words, and actions affect our environment. So these are represented in the physical objects around us. If we are aware we can understand that even if the effects or results are not visible to our eyes, they are there.

If we love our bodies, they respond. If we radiate love and feel united to the Earth, she responds. We must remember that our body is 70% composed of water and the surface of the Earth is also 70% water. In addition, we are now aware that water is not something inanimate, but that it is really alive and responds to emotions and thoughts.

So based on this, we should be responsible with our thoughts and intentions to achieve our healing and that of our environment.


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