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The headless priest- An apparition of Latin America

The legends often tell about apparitions. We must remember that the incidence of cases on supernatural experiences was more numerous in the past. Therefore, older people usually have a paranormal experience to tell. The case that we will see next is an introduction to what we will deepen more since it is a case that we see in all Latin America, but the events vary in each region. The legend of the father without a head will make us think about the diversity of experiences of the same phenomenon.

The headless Priest legend

The legend is about the appearance of a father without his head. In some cases there are several. Although the stories vary by country (in several countries there are more than one), almost all seem to agree that the origin of this legend is in the times of the inquisition where anyone who was accused against religious interests and their rulers was executed. In some of the cases, the priest could rebel against the mistreatment of the indigenous people. In others, it could be a priest that vices and their passions defocused their vocation. Whatever its origin, we can know that it was the cause for it to lose its head.

It is said that the headless priest was condemned to live like this until his mission was accomplished. Usually, it is seen at night and appears near places where religious practices are carried out. In some cases, you can even see him performing a mass. This is curious because people who claim to have had this type of apparition (in which he is celebrating a mass) do not realize that the priest had no head until the moment of communion. The reason for this is that the Masses were previously performed giving the back to the parishioners. This detail allows us to have an idea about the dates in which it is alleged that these paranormal events occurred.

Looking deeper

If we look more closely at the legend, we see certain similarities with the Siguanaba, the Llorona, among other appearances that have become part of folklore. Observe that with the case of the Siguanaba we also had numerous variants of the same apparition. However, the phenomena of the father without a head does not seem to present malignant signs except for the clear symptoms of fright in those who find it.

Currently, it seems that no more cases have been reported about this appearance. This has led to remember this story as a legend that at least has not been forgotten.


In the case of legends, we can only validate the stories as possible if cases are still reported. Therefore, it is not possible to know to what extent these cases had a paranormal origin. It would be positive to know when the most recent case was reported and then resume the investigation. The headless father also presents an irregularity in the religious context in which he manifests, where everything seems to indicate that this entity is evil. Everything is at the discretion of each one to make their own conclusions.


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