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The Fifth Dimension- a spiritual perspective

Concept definition

Within physics, the term dimension is related to the length, extension and volume of objects. This world is three dimensions. However, in the aspect of physics there are scientists who have been interested in the spiritual part of our being. This means that some of them understand that there are other dimensions that can not be seen with the eyes. Everything related to this aspect goes hand in hand with our spiritual evolution. So it is not a place in a certain, but states of conscience.In other words, when it says that someone is in a fourth or the fifth dimension, it means that even being in the same physical place can perceive more or less aspects of reality. The greater your state of consciousness, the greater will be the dimension of reality that you will perceive.

Defining the concepts of the third, fourth and fifth dimensions

The third dimension is known as the most material part of reality. It is the dimension that we are mostly, that is, possibly centered on this physical plane. However, as we move forward in our spiritual growth, our consciousness expands more and we achieve the ability to perceive reality beyond the material and we move to the fourth dimension.

The fourth dimension comes to take account of the emotional. in this we perceive feelings and thoughts with a different clarity and intensity. As we continue to expand our state of consciousness we come to the fifth dimension.

The fifth dimension is achieved when we perceive that ALL is ONE; That is, we understand that we are part of the ALL.

Signals that you are in the fifth dimension of your state of consciousness

One of the signs is that you begin to feel that something that you can not explain well has changed. Even though the outer level remains the same, you feel that something inside you changed. You begin to feel serenity, you become an observer of everything, including yourself. You can see things more clearly and that you no longer occupy the same place as before. this generates tranquility, although a bit of bewilderment.

Another sign is the acceptance of things, no matter if they are according to your wishes. There is an opening, you expand and an acceptance. We understand that we must flow because we understand that life leads us to the right path for our well-being. So we do not resist what happens to us and we resonate with the rest of the universe.

There is another sign, we have spiritual reasoning because we eradicate feelings of guilt, of making ourselves victims and everything makes sense. We understand that nothing is chance and that everything is learning. in other words, to help us heal, show us that we must improve certain aspects of our life or point the way forward. These explanations can go beyond the physical plane.

Finally, another sign is that we perceive the world as a better place. The world is seen as a pleasant place, people in your environment will open doors and you will feel full. Sales of physical oppression and everything becomes much lighter.


This article entails, in addition to explaining the terms, a way that we understand the current of expansion of humanity. Many studies of the spiritual evolution of humanity have been established and sometimes it has been tied to the UFO phenomenon as they relate it to the main objective of these extraterrestrial beings with human beings.

Whatever the truth, the human being has evolved and in some has given this growth at the level of consciousness and how we should address the good of our planet and the beings we live and share in it.

This concept is still a mystery because it is about perception and still causes some confusion. Although the facts show that changes have been generated in some and how this has contributed positively in the individual character and its environment.

We leave the opinion to the reader’s discretion, but we also leave a questioning. We ask you, based on the exposed data and your knowledge of your own being, could you indicate what your current state of consciousness would be.


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