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The Dover Demon

Description of the strange creature in Dover, Massachusetts

This strange creature was sighted for the ’70s in Dover, Massachusetts and its name was given by the writer Loren Coleman. It is described as a disproportionate head with respect to its body, something similar to a watermelon, has large eyes that turn orange and apparently lacks mouth, ears, and nose. Its body is small, neck and limbs thin and long, whose toes and hands were also thin and soft in appearance. This being is described as dry-looking skin, devoid of hair throughout the body and about 1 m tall.

Reported sightings of the strange creature

On April 21, 1977, at about 10:30 PM, a 17-year-old boy named Bill Barlett was driving his vehicle accompanied by a couple of friends through Dover, Massachusetts when they suddenly spotted a strange creature near a stone wall that was next to the road. Its description was similar to the one we described previously.

Two hours later that same date, this sighting is confirmed by another witness, a 15-year-old boy known as John Baxter, who was walking towards his home. In his testimony, he places the creature about a mile away from where Bill observed that strange being. Allege he had it in front and saw how it ran to a ravine. He decided to follow it and says it had been around 9 meters distance from the creature so he could see that it had bright eyes that were staring at him and it was then that he decided to be cautious, move away and return to the road again and discontinue the search for this mysterious being.

On another occasion, the Dover Demon, was spotted on April 22 by another 15-year-old boy whose name is Abby Brabham, who was taken home by another 18-year-old, Will Taintor. Abby could briefly observe this strange being and its description coincides with the previous ones, with the exception that he describes that the eyes of the creature were green and non-orange.

After this sighting, no more sightings related to this strange creature have been reported.

It is necessary to mention that rumors of the existence of a mysterious race of pygmies called Mannegishi developed in eastern Canada, which was supposed to make jokes for travelers. These had round heads, thin and long legs, six fingers in each hand and lived on the rocks of the river rapids. This leads us to question what kind of race these beings are and if the Mannegishi are aliens.


According to the data, there are no photos or videos that serve as evidence of the facts narrated here, but neither can it be denied that there is similarity in all versions and also those sightings were reported by people who are not related to each other. Also, there is no evidence which can refute the testimonies and clarify what happened. At the same time, it is interesting the information that emerges from the rumors in Canada of the existence of a strange race and whose description resembles what was reported in Dover, Massachusetts.


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