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The Ctones, myth or reality

Events related to the origin of the theory of the existence of the Ctones

The mine near the Chinese city of Jixi, province of Heilongjang, collapsed on February 28, 2003. But the shocking thing was that after five years one of the disappeared reappeared. After the accident at the mine, only 12 miners out of a total of 14 workers were recovered. They never found Lao Pen and Wan Hu. Wan Hu returned again, but his wife and children had already left. She had remarried and left that place after collecting compensation for her husband’s accident. Because it would be illegal to collect such compensation from his wife due to the reappearance of Wan Hu, he decided to assume financial responsibility. Wan Hu returned to the government all the money collected by his wife in said compensation. In addition, he bought a new house and dedicated himself to gardening.

Declarations of Wan Hu that give rise to the existence of an underground civilization called the Ctones

According to Wan Hu, he lived with a civilization that exists in the depths of the earth and They call the Ctones. He alleges that both he and Lao Pen were separated from the other miners after the collapse. They decided to explore some old tunnels since they lacked supplies and there were no signs of being rescued.

The Ctones captured them, fed them and were taken to their kingdom. He described these as humans, but of short stature. He claims that they have lighting based on a lens system. Their language, although different from Chinese, was easy to understand. His writing was well developed. Their diet was based on fungi and these provided a great source of food. Although they were familiar with metallurgy, they did not use iron very much, but copper, silver and gold. they were satisfied only with what was necessary, so there was no luxury.

He expressed that they were not treated as captives. So when he decided to return to the surface as he wanted to see the Sun again, although they tried to dissuade him, they allowed him to return and helped him find the route to the surface.

During that time he shared with the Ctones he managed to recover from his condition of anthracosis and had no traces of any pulmonary disease. In addition, he recovered his teeth because before the accident he had 25 teeth and on his return, he had 32 teeth.

Medical tests determined that he was physically and mentally healthy. Although they tried to explain what happened as something imaginary, they could not clarify how they could recover from their lung condition and recover their teeth. All this was analyzed based on reports from his medical record prior to the accident and what was found in his medical examination after his return.

His bank account had increased significantly.

After that, he was taken to a military base instead of a local psychiatric asylum. So far no news has been heard about him.


This case, like many others, causes suspicion because they were never able to explain how he managed to recover from his health and his teeth. In addition, the simple fact of keeping him isolated from the rest of the world creates uncertainty and malice since if there were no physical or mental health signs there was no reason to keep him out of contact or out of his home. On the other hand, there is also no forceful proofs that demonstrate beyond any reasonable doubt the fact that this underground civilization exists. At the moment we will only expose the data and that the reader makes his or her own judgment about it.


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