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The Chupacabra- Myth or Reality?

The chupacabra refers to a legendary crypt, which attacks animals of different species mostly in rural areas and livestock. This myth originated in Puerto Rico in 1995. Subsequently, sightings were reported in Maine, Chile and in countries outside the American continent, such as Russia and the Philippines.

Description and Findings

Most sightings are in North America, Central America and South America. The name comes from its supposed hematophagous habits, it is believed that domestic animals mainly goats sucking all the blood from their body. The description of the creature are variable, but generally indicate that it is a heavy creature, the size of a small bear and with a row of thorns in the back from its neck to the base of the tail.

Between 1992 and 1995 a series of isolated attacks occurred on the island of Puerto Rico. Specifically in 1995, eight dead sheep were found, their bodies were complete, but their blood had been extracted and only puncture wounds appeared on the chest. For this time the paranormal investigator, Mark Davenport, was in P.R., describing this as a continuous daily event.

In August 1995, in the town of Canóvanas, P.R., 150 animals were found killed in the same way as the sheep in March, it is said that their blood was drained through small holes in their body. Local veterinarians concluded that death was due to puncture wounds under the right side of the neck.

There are no photographs of the chupacabra, so we do not know exactly what its appearance looks like, or if it really exists.

However, in P. R. was described by eyewitnesses as a being that stands on two legs. The typical description of a Chupacabra sighting is that of a reptile, oval head, gray skin, 3 to 4 feet tall and capable of jumping on its hind legs, red eyes, fangs and a forked tongue with sharp barbs. through his entire back.


So far there is no conclusive evidence of whether a paranormal event has actually occurred or only exists in the imagination of the people. At present, it has not been possible to clarify whether the chupacabra is a myth or reality, but over time it has become a legend, for which reason it has become an enriching element of the culture of the peoples.




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