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The Bermuda Triangle

Brief description and explanation about the mysterious area

The Bermuda Triangle is a geographical area in the Atlantic Ocean and whose vortices are made up of the Bermuda islands, Puerto Rico and Fort Lauderdale (Florida). During the twentieth century acquired fame for the alleged danger of that area.

There were a diversity of missing ships from both Japan, Germans and British. In addition, there were planes  missing during flight, have disappeared both military, commercial and private.

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Theories about the Bermuda Triangle

A pilot says that he took off from the Bahamas area with his plane and suddenly he could not maneuver it so he enter into a cloud that was full of electric charges. He claims that it suddenly formed as a hole marked by colors and entered it. Expresses that after three minutes he managed to get out of the hole in the same way as he entered. Looking out the window, he observes that he was over Miami (Florida) which means he traveled 100 miles in three minutes. Which suggests an alteration of time and space.

It is alleged that this area has a strong magnetic center and abrupt changes in the atmosphere which are responsible for the lack of control of aircraft instruments.

In this area there are large currents and a great depth of water, which explains the absolute disappearance of any trace. It is believed that each vortex of the Bermuda Triangle triggers the speed of light several times by creating a wormhole that modifies time and space.

There is another theory that says that methane bubbles from the bottom of the sea are what cause the sinking of ships in the area. There are large amounts of methane at the bottom of the sea and when combined with water, methane is heated, boiled and dissolved in the ocean. If there is a ship and the bubble forms and bursts, the ship would sink as it did not withstand the turbulence.

There is another theory that indicates that on the island of Bimini there is a naval base similar to area 51 where UFOs are supposedly hiding and occurs secret investigations related to making submarines invisible. It is believed that these magnetic fields cause the disappearance of airplanes, ships, etc. and create dimensional doors.

Another theory alleges that the laws of physics do not apply in the Bermuda Triangle and therefore a compass will not indicate the true magnetic north. It is related to Atlantis, a legendary island that according to Plato sank in the sea during an earthquake, since it is believed that its location or remains of it is in that area near Bimini and its civilization had very advanced electric generators and technology which may be the ones that cause and control these phenomena.


Even today, the disappearance of ships and planes in that area remains a mystery. Nor has it been possible to explain clearly and with certainty what happened to those who have experienced such phenomena and have been able to survive to tell it. Many of their anecdotes are usually similar and in turn are inexplicable from the current knowledge of science. Hopefully at some point there may be explanation to those events in which the laws of physics do not apply and suggest an alteration of time and space.



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