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The Beginnings of OVNIS Sightings in the World

UFO theme in the arts since the late 19th century

Since ancient times, around the years 1912 to 1917, the theme of Martians and aliens has been present in the works. E.R. Burroughs, the author of Tarzan, was one of these.

In the cinema, it was present as a theme in the films Metropolis (1926) and La Mujer en la Luna (1928). In Russia, 110 years ago, the literature on the extraterrestrial theme was developed and an example is a novel “In Another Planet” (1896) where a Martian civilization with current inventions is described.

First occurrences of OVNIS sightings

The first documentation of a UFO was produced by Oscar Rey Brea, a military man, and scientist from A Coruña, who is considered the father of ufology in Spain. In the Coruña Brotherhood remember that Rey, after finishing high school, left his home volunteered in the Blue Division. He was fighting for two years on the Russian front. It was in Pushkin, Soviet Union, where he had his first sighting in 1943.

While the Blue Division soldiers were in a bunker during a Russian attack, they could observe a “disk-shaped ship” that stood still on the fighter jets, somewhat like watching them. But after a long period of time, it disappeared at great speed. This event was later narrated by the ufologist Antonio Ribera in the book “Encuentros con humanoides”, published by Planeta in 1982.

It was on February 10, 1943, when the Polar star operation begins, where the Russians try to break the siege of Leningrad and thus free the road to Moscow. The battle of Krasny Bor arises where it is prevented from breaking the lines and the road could be opened, the Soviets had many casualties.

After the heroic action of Krasny Bor, the King sighting occurred, while the bombardment of the Spanish cantonment took place. They thought it could be a Russian or German observation apparatus, but no air force had anything like it.

Later, in October 1945, in the Cantones of A Coruña, Rey’s parents saw, like their neighbors, a flying object of great luminosity flying over the city. This sighting was associated with some novel secret weapon related to the Second World War. For Oscar Rey what flew through the center of A Coruña in October 1945 was a UFO.

On June 24, 1947, at 2:00 PM, when the American Kenneth Arnold, flew his plane from Chelalis to Yakima, Washington, in order to find a plane that had been injured, he had a sighting near Mount Rainer . According to him he describes them as strange circular aircrafts that resemble him “like plates gliding on water”. That is the reason why the term “flying saucer” is coined. Kenneth’s calculations were that they were going at a speed of 2,400 km / h; something unknown until then.

It is in 1947 that the CIA is founded, and from then on an uninterrupted series of sightings have been taking place.

For Oscar Rey the highest frequency of sightings occur when there is greater proximity of the planet Mars. He is considered the true discoverer of the “Biennial Theory” (theory related to the UFO subject).

It is said that as early as 1926, Charles Fort, was considered the first ufologist, but he never cited the UFO phenomenon, nor sighting before the date of King. He only wrote the book “Book of the Damned” related to this subject and it was known that he believed that the lights and objects that were seen in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries were creations of other worlds.


The beginnings of these sightings are related around that time, between the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, but it must be remembered that in the Bible there are cases of Enoch or Elijah where they are said to have been carried by chariots of fire.

If they have been present since time immemorial, we still do not know it, but it is important to point out that in the writings of remote periods, mention is made of objects and beings that do not agree with what we already know ordinarily on our planet.

Read the data and links shared here, and others related to this same topic so you can reach your own conclusions.


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