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The “alien autopsy”, the best fraud film

In 1947 a UFO fell in Roswell and in 1995 the filming of the autopsy of one of the crew arrives. After a decade of silence, Spyros Melaris, director of film fraud reveals the truth of what happened.

Some history related to the subject

Everything starts on July 10, 1947, when an unknown spacecraft crashed in Roswell, New Mexico, USA. The base’s spokesman, Walter Haut, told the press that the army had captured a flying saucer. Although a few days ago the Air Force reported that it was an advanced atmospheric balloon. In 2014, the documents were declassified and they said that it belonged to the Mogul project, whose purpose was to find evidence of whether the former Soviet Union was conducting atomic tests in the air. Then developed the Cold War between the superpowers and movies were developed films related to the extraterrestrial and UFO. The ufologists, Stanton Friedman and William Moore, rekindled the story three decades later and interpreted the official position as one of a cover-up.

There are many stories about the Roswell case and most of the relatives of the people related to the case agree that there was a UFO and humanoid crew. One of these, Charles Fogus, claimed that he saw the military removing the bodies.
There were confusing testimonies that mixed this incident with the High Dive and Excelsior projects, in 1954.

 Everything related to the filming of the “alien autopsy”

To all this, the filming then arises in 1995 of an autopsy of an alien body. This reinforced the story generated about the lifting of the bodies that Fogus issued. The whole process of operation was seen as real given that the instruments of the operation and other objects in the place coincided with the time. Although there were skeptics, no expert could find any evidence to refute the credibility of the film material.
The person behind the exposition of the history of the “Roswell autopsy” was not the producer Spyros Melaris, but Ray Santilli, an English businessman, who together with his partner, Gary Shoefield, were the ones who revealed it to the world, mentioning having bought it from official cameraman and that it had been hidden for decades.

They presented it at the British Museum on May 5, 1995, and then sold copies to more than 30 countries. The announcement of the fraud was by Spyros, who breaks the confidentiality silence, the reasons are not known, but it is speculated that it could have been because of not receiving royalties for his work. Spyros proves conclusively that he was the one who did the filming because he had the drawings, original kodak faxes, etc. who tried his version. He explained in detail how he did it and mentioned Humphrey as the creator of the alien, which was made of foam and latex and how he could get what appeared to be the viscera of the corpse, etc.

Still today Santilli insists that the recording is real and not a fraud. In 2006 Humphrey decided to speak and reaffirmed what was said by Spyros.


The UFO phenomenon generates many theories and speculations and even today there is no conclusive proof that reaffirms its existence, but neither has been able to explain certain events and deny their existence. The truth is that there are still files without declassification and that it has been said that if it compromises national security they will not be exposed. Which generates more doubts and speculations about concealment by the government or security agencies.

The data and events related to the UFO and extraterrestrial topics are presented here only for the purpose of allowing the reader to analyze them and reach their own conclusions.


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