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Tenerife, a mythical place of ufology

Legends of the island and its relationship with the UFO phenomenon

Many stories are told about UFO sightings and contacts with extraterrestrial beings on the island of Tenerife. These legends make it a mythical place of ufology.

Among the events that occurred on that island, it is important to mention the one that occurred in June 1989 where some 40,000 people gathered in the Teide National Park after being convened by a national radio program.

Even its coasts have been part of numerous UFO sightings.

The case of the plane crash in Abades

On July 9, 1982, a Venezuelan named Juan José Hernández was driving on the Tenerife motorway, near the east coast of the island, when he observed something similar to a plane flying at a very low altitude, almost touching the sea. Juan José indicates that what happened was close to the Abades lighthouse. He had continued on his way until a couple asked him for help and when he stopped and went to them, they, without saying a word, pointed to an injured device floating in the sea.

The repercussion of the supposed accident spread and there were more witnesses who claimed to hear a great rumble and so then they see something which appeared to be a “kind of plane” fallen into the sea. The media and rescue teams went to the place, but the strangest thing is that they found no positive results in the search. There was neither grease nor other materials in the sandy bottom.

As time went by, what happened was forgotten since there was no data,clues or evidences from the authorities and investigators who attended the case. It is said that this place can be about 500 meters deep and that the device probably has fallen into a deep abyss.

There are numerous aircraft wrecks on the seabed of the island, but there were never found remains of the accident that was witnessed in the vicinity of the Abades lighthouse.


The strange thing about this case is that the accident is reported, but the emergency protocol was never activated for those cases of air accidents. The Reina Sofía Airport in Tenerife never had an emergency warning on that day, there was only a Civil Guard anecdote asking about a possible accident.

There are no tracks to follow. It still remains as a mystery.


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