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Telepathy- a paranormal phenomenon

In the mid-twentieth century is that the topic of telepathy begins. There is skepticism in science about accepting the existence of telepathy. Telepathy is a type of communication that involves the transmission or coincidence of thoughts between people generally distant, without there being the intervention of the senses or known physical agents. Dr. Louise E. Rhine, in collaboration with her husband in the Parapsychology Laboratory at Duke University, studied a wide variety of cases, which were duly proven and considered as evidence.

Findings Related to Telepathy

One of the cases is that of the wife of General Nathan F. Twining, where on one night in January 1943 she was awakened by an abnormal noise and when she opened her eyes she saw her husband at the foot of the bed, very clearly and then sees his image slowly fade away. At that time her husband was at the other end of the globe in command of the Air Force in the Pacific. She became nervous because that vision seemed so real to her that she even feared it. Three days later he learns that the general’s plane had fallen into the sea. The general was rescued, he obviously ignored the vision of his wife, but in his first letter, he tells her that moments before the accident, he saw her clearly in his bed and reflected grief and frightened.

Another case was the US ambassador to Japan, M.U. Alexis Johnson, who was taken prisoner by the Japanese. His wife had the sensation of hearing an inner voice ordering her to go to her neighbors’ house and listen to the radio. She was and as she understood Japanese, she was able to identify the station in Mukden that was the place where her husband was. At that moment her husband is heard identifying himself and informing that he was going to be exchanged soon and that he was fine, and his desire to be informed to his wife. Two months later, Johnson embarked with the first repatriates from Japan.


Various Types of Telepathy

There are several types of telepathy. One of these is telepathy in spontaneous wakefulness where the receiver is awake and without any special knowledge related to the possibility of sending a message by an issuer. An example, the person feels pain in some part of their body and at the same time receives a short thought about someone in particular, and then finds out that person suffered a heart attack, injury, etc. and keep the feeling you experienced.

Another is the telepathic intuition that is to receive messages by intuition, that is a sudden thought, without logical antecedents, such as thinking that he will be received by a very high authority that he did not know and then receive an invitation to lecture before that authority.

There is the telepathic hallucination that is to receive messages through a hallucination. Something like the one reported by Dr. Louise E. Rhine on the case of the wife of General Nathan F. Twining.

Another type of telepathy is the telepathic dream where, through a real or symbolic dream, the reception of a message is possible. For example, to dream that a person is driving a car and falls down a ditch, then wakes up scared, with sweating and rapid breathing. The next day they notify him that his brother died in a car accident.



Telepathy is a paranormal phenomenon since it is an experience that is outside the field of normal, scientifically explainable experiences. In addition, it is not compatible with the norm of perceptions, beliefs and expectations related to reality.


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