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Tantra in unity, Eastern esoteric doctrine

Tantra as a means to achieve spiritual fullness

We exist in a very depersonalized world mainly because of the technological boom and we need to find ourselves. It draws us away from our spiritual advancement and reach our spiritual development.

There are various techniques such as meditation to achieve liberation and achieve the spiritual development of the Being. Now, you can not be free if there are still taboos and ties that prevent your growth. One of these is sexuality. We have fears and insecurities that do not allow us to manifest ourselves as we are and free ourselves in this aspect. Now, you cannot be sexually free either if you are not a person first. Later we will explain what Tantra is based on its philosophy and how it allows us to advance spiritually, unlock fears and ties of the mind.

Tantric sex is based on Tantra, which is an Eastern esoteric theory, which has been around for millennia, and in which through it we achieve spiritual fullness.

Tantric philosophy is based on kundalini energy. This is derived from all this mystical and energetic part of tantra. It is said that this energy allows you to advance spiritually and unlock the fears and ties of the mind.

Its goal is the cleaning of the chakras and the unlocking of some emotional states. Couples allow this force to improve sexuality and live it with greater intensity.

According to this philosophy, the sexual energy starts from the first chakra that rests in the perineum and is represented as a snake, so if it manages to wake up, it will go through all the chakras and thus unlock each of them until connecting with the last .

Man has seven centers and when the woman’s centers are in tune with those of man then both feel an absolute union or tantra in unity.

It takes a good emotional balance to have that sexual energy because if there is an emotional block, then that force will not be well channeled.

Explanation of the eastern philosophy of the use of tantric sex as a meditation and means to achieve enlightenment

In the eastern philosophy it is said that man is fire and woman is water. This explains a lot about sexuality and the process between them. The man tends to be faster, although the woman is slower, she has the ability to stay for longer.

The feminine energy is fundamental in the balance of couples, family and society. This is because it is the energy of nature, which gives life and nourishes.

In relation to enlightenment, the Buddha said that it is in the female sexual organs, and no one disputes the spiritual knowledge of the Buddha.

In the eastern part of the world, sexuality is valued as a path to light.

Original Buddhism, born in the eastern part of the world, such as Tantra and Taoism, believe that the Yin (feminine) energy of the universe is inexhaustible and essential for a healthy, happy and enlightened life for both men and women.

When the sexual act is given with innocence, without malice or morbid, not only two bodies are fused but both energies (Yin and Yang) and the souls merge into the All; in other words they are unified with the universe.

Sexuality as meditation allows you to be present, to sensitize your body, to calm the mind, to calm emotions and to come into contact with the divine and a high state of consciousness.

If you are a woman, you should look for your masculine side to understand and know your partner better and thus connect with him.

Sexuality allows, when it is in all its power, to become one of the most direct paths to enlightenment and a different and deep state of consciousness.

Exhibition of mechanisms and means to achieve tantric sex experience

There is a Tantric School in Madrid, capital of Spain, which helps people learn how to achieve tantric sex. It is based on four basic pillars that we will mention later in this article.

Tantric sex focuses on the sexual energy of the individual to achieve ecstasy without paying attention only to the genital area but to all parts of the body. In the same poses sex without taboos, putting the five senses and achieving balance and harmony between them.

The external factors are regulated such as the temperature of the room, change of sheets, a drink is served and even music is used.

The couple experiences relaxation of their body to achieve greater connection so breathing is important since there must be synchronization.

Within this ritual, as basic pillars, the first thing is to accept oneself and others as they are, the second is to be present in the moment with the five senses, the third is to express what you feel and think, that is, to know ask what we want and what we like and finally and fourth pillar is the harmonious and fluid movement where you can achieve balance or pace your energy and rhythms with those of the other person to be able to flow and be in harmony .

Breathing, containment of ejaculation is used through the control of pubococcygeal muscle and other techniques. The habit of ejaculating quickly is eliminated. Tantra advocates that ejaculation is a waste of energy although there are specialists who differ and consider that ejaculation is important.

The goal itself is not the orgasm but the sexual energy transmitted by the two bodies. In other words, tantric sex seeks to enhance the senses.


Sexuality is the source of life and the means that allows human beings to integrate with the All. It is a powerful and divine force that if it is well directed can be used as a means to achieve enlightenment and reach high states of consciousness.

In other words, tantric sex is not sex for fun, since the body is the temple of the spirit and through sexuality we manifest the creative energy and transform it into a spiritual process.

You must learn to see sex as something pure, magical and sacred so we would understand better that this is a faster path to spiritual enlightenment.


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