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Strange lights in the sky makes a double helix on Toronto

In our times we are used to having a mobile device on hand. When observing something unusual, we immediately use it and, despite not always having the best resolution, there is a memory of what you witnessed. Such a case occurred in Toronto, Canada where they observed a series of lights performing a double helix formation.

The case of lights forming a double helix on Toronto

In 2016, several people saw in the sky a series of lights on Toronto. The reaction was alarming as can be heard on the video. The lights were suspended in the air forming a double helix resembling the structure of DNA known. The synchronization of these was remarkable besides that they changed colors in a really organized order. In addition, the formation of these objects rotated in the sky making it look like the double helix turned on its own axis.

Certainly, it is very unusual to see this in the sky and it was cataloged as a UFO phenomenon. His behavior showed some intelligence. As we can observe even at a certain moment the lights vanished and then appear in another formation. We can deduce from the lights of the poles and the buildings that this happened at dusk because the sky is not dark and there are no stars.

Case Investigation

The video was uploaded to YouTube on November 26, 2018, by 9OLDENRATIO Music. However, it seems curious that possesses very few views compared to videos made from this. The descriptions indicate that this case was investigated by MUFON who found that these lights were test flights of some drones. Looking for more about it, this event actually occurred lights in Toronto on May 20, 2017, nearly 6 months after the alleged UFO sighting.

It is possible that this is why the video has not been paid so much attention. Meanwhile, certain sectors continue to spread the video by other means, assuming it is a UFO encounter. This without mentioning the aforementioned. Even in the comments of the video, many claims that the lights of the drones are not so intense while it had not yet completely darkened. Others claim that it is a reflection in the window of the car in which it is filmed.

Exploring videos of the light show of drones really have a resemblance to what is seen in the case of the double helix. I will share a video so you can judge yourselves.


The case of the UFO sighting in double-helix formation in Toronto, Canada, has enough evidence to declare itself resolved. In this case, the video is validated as real by assigning the events to explainable facts. There are some questions that are also valid to question. The issue of the intensity of the light and the fact that the flight test was conducted about 6 months before presents some doubts that deserve to be investigated. For now, it is up to each of us to argue about the nature of this mystery.


Do you think that the strange lights were drones? Or they are something more? Share your opinions below

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