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Effect SLI- Mysterious Human Electrical Interferences

There are many cases of people claiming that when they pass close to a light, they go out. There are others who add that even, their watches soon stop working and have constant problems with computers. This phenomenon is known as “Phenomenon of Interference in the Public Lighting” or SLI (Streetlight Interference Phenomenon) and to those who present this condition as “Sliders”, a word coined by the paranormal investigator Hillary Evans. In the home of these people, there are problems with the volume of the television, it changes only the channel and makes strange noises: the bulbs last little, as well, the batteries of their cell phones. Most are unaware of the causes of what is happening to them or the cause of the problem.

Possible causes of the SLI phenomenon

This phenomenon is inexplicable, the SLI is not recognized by science. Given that it is spontaneous and there is no deliberate intention to create the phenomenon on its own.

One theory is that there is some connection with the electronic impulses of the brain. Experts recognize that thoughts are the result of electronic impulses from the brain. The only thing is that they understand that only its effect is on the body of the individual, not outside it, or rather as a kind of remote control.

However, an investigation by Princeton University revealed that the subconscious can affect electronic devices. Certain people can influence the electromagnetic field of a team. This and other universities are beginning to scientifically explain some phenomena such as extrasensory perception, telekinesis or the SLI phenomenon. What some people have said is that this happens when they are in an extreme emotional state such as anger or stress.

The diversity of Reactions on SLI

Skeptics believe that it is only a failure of the lights, for its life cycle, or that it is simply because the sodium and mercury bulbs have a security system that regulates the temperature that light can reach and for that reason, they turn off until the temperature drops and another impulse turns them on again.

Hillary Evans contradicts these theories since they do not explain this phenomenon in computers, register machines, etc.

The people who present “SLI”, in their amazement for the mysterious phenomenon, find it a great relief to know that there are others who also do this. Those who have experienced this phenomenon or know close people with SLI are completely sure that it is a reality and not a mere coincidence.



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