The stories of apparitions of specters are numerous. Many of them are linked to myths of the region. In the case of Siguanaba, the reports extend throughout the Mesoamerican region. It’s amazing the number of stories related to the appearance of a woman with horse face.

The legend of the Siguanaba

The origin of the Siguanaba varies from country to country as well as its name. However, almost all agree in the description of an attractive woman who, when revealing her face, is a horrible horse. In Costa Rica is known as Cegua. It is characterized because its face is of a putrefying horse and that makes other appearances that deviate to the mentioned tendency. On the other hand, in Honduras there is a version known as Cigua that can be considered a phenomenon similar to this one. In Mexico, many know as Xtabay and the most recent call accounts as such but it is actually a similar legend.

To mention some variant of its origin, it is told in El Salvador that she was a peasant who used her charms to make Prince Yeshuan, son of the Tláloc deity, fall in love. From that union was born a boy named Cipítio (in other versions it is said that he is the son of another peasant). When Yeshuan went to a war, the Siguanaba kept love affairs with various men and even led her husband to death by power. To such acts, the gods punished her to wander at night to the meeting of men in search of nocturnal adventures where she would reveal a horrifying ugliness when approaching them. She would also look for a son who, when she abandoned him for going after his debaucheries, would remain forever young.

The tendency of the apparition

The vast majority of the stories are about men who encounter this spectrum at night and usually near bodies of water. It even tends to indicate as a womanizer those who claim to have seen the Siguanaba. This is because, in the vast majority of cases, it happens to a man looking for adventures at night. The Siguanaba has become a kind of punisher of infidels and it is worth mentioning that this attribution can cause reports to decrease. Some people report that it makes a frightening noise. Others claim that Siguanaba can be eluded by entrusting to God and biting the blade of a machete during the terrifying moment. However, it is a legend that remains alive thanks to the number of stories that are still told.

Siguanaba usually appears in a white dress with her back to the victim or covering her face with her hair. In some cases, generally in those near a river or a fountain, it is half-naked. In parks and dangerous places like cliffs, the apparition causes the victim to worry about the woman who observes. Once the person communicates with her, the tendency is for her to call them. She can also drive them through dangerous or alarming places for the person. When the lady shows its face, the reaction of the person is terrible. They suffer from madness, some lose consciousness appearing in other mutilated places and in other cases, they die from the impression.


The legend and the series of cases related to the Siguanaba are really interesting. In conjunction with other similar phenomena, they could be considered as Ghost Ladies. Its function seems to be to cause terror to certain types of people. We have seen this in the case of the baby of the La Llorosa Bridge that usually happened to drunks. The fact of the specter does not show his face also occurs in the case of the False Virgin. This case is very similar in the function of scaring people. In such an appearance an apparition of a Virgin who did not show her face attracted a whole group of people. When she revealed her face, similar effects occurred to people. Both cases have many similarities despite appearing to have different natures. We can only say that the phenomenon must be paranormal.

Now I’ll share some stories about the Siguanaba that, as I mentioned, is called Xtabay in Mexico. It is a recording of the program that Juan Ramon Saenz was conducting in his program La Mano Peluda.



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