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Puzzled by strange sea creature in Sajalín

Data related to the findings

The body of an alleged cetacean appeared on a beach on the island of Sajalín for June 2015. The media known as The Siberian Times said that some Internet users had said it was a Ganges dolphin, but an expert ruled it out.

The Deputy Director of the Forecast Department of the Sajalín Fisheries and Oceanography Research Institute, Nikolai Kim, warned that it was possibly a type of dolphin. But he had hair and dolphins have no hair.

Description of the creature and the reactions to the finding

A strange sea creature with hair in its tail and that was twice the size of a human being appeared dead on a beach in Russia on the island of Sajalín. That caused the news to spread rapidly through different media. First the Anglo-Saxon press, then the Hispanic esoteric media and finally the rest of the local media who simply copied what was published in The Siberian Times.

The British zoologist and paleontologist, Darren Naish, published in a tweet that it was a Berardius of Baird. Attaching two images to the explanation to help interpret and understand it.

A zifio or berardius of Baird is a North Pacific cetacean that measures 13 meters and weighs 12 tons. They are characterized by having a prominent snout, the lower jaw is longer than the upper jaw. The teeth are visible even when the mouth is closed.


Based on what is stated here, it suggests that it is a known creature, but the hair in its tail is not explained. No dolphin has hair so it generates more doubts that it is a Berardius of Baird. They have tried to convince that it is not hair but skin that has come off that way and therefore looks like hair. However, there is doubt and has not fully convinced that explanation. We leave the data and various references so that everyone can reach their own conclusions.



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