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Pterodactyl is saw over the skies of Alaska

In cryptozoology, we find cases of animals that are supposed to be extinct. We see them in different areas of the world. For the people who live in the place, these events seem habitual and they are often unaware of the rarity of the phenomenon. In this case, a pilot with his crew observed what is believed to have been a pterodactyl.

The pterodactyl over Alaska case

During the October 15, 2002, John Bauker was flying over Alaska with his crew towards the village of Manokotak. It is on that flight when they observed something extremely unusual. Near them, they spotted what they identified as a giant bird at least five times the size of a bald eagle. Then, according to the descriptions given, everything indicated that the creature must be a pterodactyl.

The case report was not unique. Even certain people from the ground had spotted the animal. According to the locals, this creature had been seen before on several occasions. The rarity and diffusion of the event provoked the rapid search for a rational explanation of the case. It was theorized that it could be a bald eagle, which John Bauker denied. He alleged that the creature was so large that when he first saw it, he thought it was another plane approaching them.

Case Investigation

Like many other cases we have seen, the lack of sources has transformed this news into a legend. The source of the original information has been diffused between the news of this case and we only have the report of the sighting. On the other hand, we must know that there is a great diversity of cases in which the pterodactyls have been seen. So we should not be surprised that this report is legitimate. There are several reports where there is even evidence of photos and videos that we will soon analyze.


The case of the pterodactyl seen in Alaska is very close to a legend. It is important to record the cases with the details in order to separate them from the delicate rumor gap. However, the existence of pterodactyls in our world must certainly be investigated. For now, this case joins the mystery of cryptozoology.


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