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Portals in the Sky

Brief introduction and description of this paranormal event

Within the field of fiction there is much talk about dimensional portals. We are told that we can travel through space, time, alternative dimensions or in all three. However, different sightings of large circular shapes that appear to swallow the clouds are evident. This type of experience has been captured in different parts of the world and is evidenced by photographs and videos.

It seems to be related to the UFO phenomenon. It is believed that they use these doors for their travel purposes to other places or dimensions. It has been observed that after the UFO accelerates over the mass of rotating clouds, everything vanishes as if it were never there.

Events related to this phenomenon

In 2018, in the country of Scotland, a video was taken where you can see a bright blue circular light over the Midlothian sky and a UFO passes near this “portal” before it disappears.

In Alabama, for the year 2018 a video (which appears on YouTube) was taken where an UFO is seen when it enters the “portal” during a mysterious-looking storm. There is an abnormal brightness that blinks clouds when the UFO is nearby.

In December 2015, tourists took pictures of what appears to be an orb that enters what is some kind of portal or vortex in the sky, which disappears as soon as the UFO enters it.

On June 24, 2016, photographs were taken of some cloud formations which were seen in the sky as the form of a portal and  were taken over CERN (the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) operated by the European Organization for Nuclear Research, or CERN), also occured shortly after related to this fe the AWAKE project take off and on the same day the experiment was scheduled. There are many people who think that CERN’s experiments are for the purpose of opening dimensional doors.

There is much more evidence of this phenomenon in the electronic network either by photos or videos on YouTube.


The amount of information on the internet related to this phenomenon is surprising  and also the testimonies about it. Here we only mention a few examples. The reader is urged to seek more information about this paranormal phenomenon.

The opinion on this topic and its conclusion in this regard are left to the reader’s discretion.


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