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The Plan to Enter Area 51

Explanation of how the incursion to area 51 arises

A crowd plans to reach area 51 and “see aliens.” If this is possible, it is in question since it is said that the military is ready. This occurs as a result of a joke Facebook event where more than one million people have registered. In it they asked users to meet in September in Area 51, the base of the US Air Force, in Nevada. This area is known by alien conspiracy theories.

Details related to the incursion to area 51

In fact, the original intention was to attract the public and for fun as they clarify on the same page. Clarifies that he does not intend to go to the place. But too many adepts have joined that seem to fulfill the task. Among the comments the page says is: “If we run like Naruto, we can move faster than their bullets.” It is made in reference to the Japanese running style where you run with arms extended backwards and head forward. And he adds: “We’re going to see the aliens.”

Although there is a publication on the page that tries to explain what really it is and that is only a joke, the event has gained strength. This has caused concern in the US Air Force and they think that an imminent incursion can occur. So through a spokesman of The Washington Post they have discouraged the raid and warn that they are ready to protect U.S. and its assets.

All this has meant that CNN has contacted the Air Force and is still waiting for a response. All this has been by the stimulation of conspiracy theories, of UFOs and of being a place of alien detention. In fact, Area 51 is a source of alien conspiracy theories for decades.

It is thought to contain all government secrets about aliens. The CIA has published documents that confirm that it is actually a base for the use of tests. They have even confirmed that the government of E.U. has invested 22 million dollars in UFO research.

There is a group of US senators who received information about UFO encounters that the US Navy also had.


Everything that the agencies have revealed has led to the belief that the alien theory in area 51 is a reality. At the same time, as the internet page has so many followers  creates the environment for such incursion can occurs in such restricted area. This would cause chaos as it has been warned that they will not allow access to it and will use the force if it is necessary to protect the area.

An innocent intention of someone through a website has provoked an unexpected reaction from the public. They have lost control despite the explanations expressed in it that it is only a joke to enter area 51 on that date. At this moment, the most important thing is what will happen by the time that the date of the event’s concretization in relation to the call in Facebook is fulfilled.


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