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Peña de Lobos, a mystical and magical place

Description of the place considered by many as excellent for paranormal tourism

In Jitlotzingo, state of Mexico, there is a natural reserve called Peña de Lobos, which is an attraction as paranormal tourism. Those who investigate paranormal matters tend to visit this area a lot. There are those who claim to have videos, psychophonies and photographs of specters hanging around this place. The inhabitants claim to have seen goblins and blame them for the strange things that happen in that place.

In Peña de Lobos congresses and seminars on alternative medicine are held with shamans and healers from all over the world. During these seminars, tests are presented through videos and people who have had this type of paranormal experience are interviewed.

The forester of Peña de Lobos, José Luis Silva, is an old shaman with a calm and friendly personality and who knows and has confirmed that magic exists in this place.

Paranormal stories about Peña de Lobos

José Luis narrates that a couple of Germans who were on vacation there told him that around nine o’clock at night when there was no light, they could see the dance of a strange dragonfly flying over a trout pond. They claim that this creature suddenly approached the window of the cabin and they could observe in detail that it was a kind of small woman with wings and they moved quickly like those of a hummingbird. This being emitted a bright light. After staring at them he flew away.

Another story told by José Luis is that of some ladies who were visiting and who were picking mushrooms with him to prepare some quesadillas. He alleges that they saw a huge mushroom and when he took out his knife and crouched down and began to cut carefully, until one of the ladies behind him nailed his nails on his shoulders. When turning over he was surprised to see how behind a tree there was a small being, like an old man, no more than 50 centimeters tall, huge nose and dressed like an indigenous Tarahumara, and waved his cane telling him to stay away from the fungus. Everyone was perplexed without words. Then there appeared to them, behind another tree, another being who was like an old lady. Both beings had huge feet and walked similar to the penguins.

It is said that in Peña de Lobos is a place of goblins, gnomes and fairies and in which there is a neighborhood code. This is that whenever there is a need to use something that belongs to nature or find something lost, you have to pay a small tribute to the citizens of the forest consisting of boxes of cookies or sweets and leave them in strategic places as payment to these beings.


This place is mystical and magical and turns out to be excellent for tourists and researchers who love paranormal topics. There are many videos by youtube related to the subject. All the evidence is there, but if you want to know first hand about these events should visit and experience personally. Judge yourself if it is myth or reality.


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