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Pachacutec, Andean Prophecies

Brief Explanation of the Prophecy

Within the Andean prophecies, especially the Incas, they are based on the concept of transformation. It is known as Pachacutec or Pachacuti whose meaning is Pacha (refers to cosmos or Earth) on the other hand Cuti means turning or correcting.

The ninth Inca sovereign was named Pachacuti (or Pachacutec), who built Machu Pichu and the Empire of the Children of the Sun. This sovereign managed to transform the Inca society corresponding to the fifth Inca world era, but also brought the end of the Inca world. Due to the violence of the Spanish conquerors, the destruction of the empire was finally achieved.

This prophecy predicts the return of Pachacuti, but instead of bringing chaos, on the contrary it promises a new human beginning known as the gold millennium on Earth. They talk of an humanity awakening because it mentions “a tear in the fabric of time.” This brings that our current perception of time and space remains in the past. We will be able to understand that we are seeds of divine light or seeds of God.

Some History about the Q’ueros

The Q’ueros are descendants of the Incas. They took refuge in the mountains at an altitude of 4,200 groupers to escape the conquerors. They have been there for 500 years preserving the original knowledge and sacred prophecy about a change (Pachacuti). They are waiting for the moment for the world to take that turn, returning to harmony and ending chaos and disorder. They remain isolated from the world.

They allege that the time of the prophecies has come. According to their old prophecy, the time of the meeting was reached and it is the time of the integration of the peoples of the four cardinal points. They have taken their teachings to the West to prepare for the day when the Eagle of the North and the Condor of the South, fly together again. There is talk about the responsibility of remaking the relationship with Mother Earth, after remaking themselves. This change has already begun, but more tumultuous changes are also mentioned on Earth, in the psyche of people, in their relationships and spirituality. The chaos and confusion will last 4 years resulting in a quantum leap into what we are becoming.

This fifth level of consciousness will be collective and simultaneous. We will be awake, freed from fear and other negative aspects. It is when you will look with the eyes of the Soul and where your commitment is with the essential.


This and other legends are quite similar and all of them point towards a transformation of spiritual growth and knowledge in the humanity. Here we only expose it in this article, but we will let the readers reach their own conclusions.




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