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UFO sightings and their relationship with Humanity

Some History about the UFO Presence

In 1942 the UFO presence began to be felt in the US territory and in other parts of the world such as the USSR, but due to its political secrecy, it is not known until many years later.

President Roosevelt is notified in this regard through General Marshall, so he remains concerned that they were in the middle of the Second World War and the fact that some enemy ships have avoided the most powerful army in the world and have easily entered their space was of great concern to his government. However, until now they had not attacked and had not made themselves publicly noticed.

It is then, that Robert M. Wood, Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Engineering from the University of Colorado and a Ph.D. in Physics, worked with a UFO crashed in 1942, along with Vannevar Bush, but they needed more money to investigate its operation through reverse engineering, going back from the whole to the most basic in this case a spaceship.

In 1944, Vannevar Bush asked President Roosevelt for help in financing the investigation, but this was denied because, in the middle of World War II, all available funds were required to eliminate the Nazi threat. The Second World War concludes with the surrender of Japan following an atomic bombing. To date, these are the only nuclear attacks in history.

After the war, two years later, the then President Harry Truman, who was unaware of this of the UFOs, went to see him at first hand, being impressed and allowing the money to flow to continue with the investigation. The war ends in 1945 and in 1947 was the Roswell incident, so it is believed that what the president witnessed was this ship and possibly the remains of some aliens. At the beginning of July 1947, it was the beginning of the Ufological Era due to the Roswell incident.

A farmer found in Roswell, New Mexico, the alleged remains of a UFO. The discovery took place on July 2, 1947, on a ranch in New Mexico. There is a myriad of mysteries and speculations where conspiracy and supernatural theories emerged. The event is related to a UFO that crashed and was manned by strange creatures. The American army was silent from the beginning, only a vague explanation based on tests with balloons. The ufologists were not convinced of such a version and finally, there was an official explanation that it was weather balloons with a low-frequency acoustic detection system whose purpose was to spy on the USSR during the cold war.

After 15 years they change their version of espionage again and they claim they were balloons whose purpose was to learn how to improve the reception of astronauts on the ground. But there was an incongruity with the dates since they said that these tests began in 1953 and the incident occurred in 1947. To overcome this incongruity, the military alleged that the witnesses forget the dates.

In 1952, between July 19 and 20, at 11:45 in the evening, the radar of Washington Reagan Airport issued an alert of seven unidentified echoes and the objects were visible to the naked eye. The movement of these artifacts was radically opposed to normal aircraft. Then, up to ten echoes appear in formation.

That night the flying objects flew over Washington, very close to the Capitol and the White House. When two of these echoes left the formation and were located close to the White House, the Antiaircraft Defense Command gave a red alert, giving a scramble order, which means that military combat aircraft are ordered to identify intruders in space. aerial. When arriving several F-14 to the zone and the UFOs had disappeared, and when they were already back to the Base, the ships appeared again in the radars, at a speed of 11,500 km per hour, all this at five thirty in the early morning of July 20, 1952.

When the panic took hold, President Harry Truman issued an order to shoot down the ships. It is at that time that Albert Einstein, who at that time was working for the government, advised the president to revoke the order because it would be an attack against self-preservation. Then, the president revoked the order. For this time there was what was known as Blue Book Project that was created in the air force in 1952 to investigate UFOs.

So days later, on July 29, 1952, the person responsible for the Blue Book Project, Edward Ruppelt denies that the radars intercepted UFOs. In this project was Dr. J. Allen Hynek, astronomer, as a consultant. To understand the reasons for this decision, we have to talk a little about what the Robertson Committee was.

It should be mentioned that in light of all these sightings, the CIA had established a committee of scientists, meteorologists, physicists, engineers, and the astronomer Hynek. This committee was headed by Dr. H. P. Robertson, a physicist from the California Institute. This committee had power over decisions related to UFO investigations. It issued judgments and determined the value of the evidence collected.

This committee met for the first time officially on January 14, 1953. Ruppelt, Hynek, and others presented their best evidence collected in the Blue Book, but the Robertson Committee concluded that most had a rational explanation, devalued said works and indicated that the intelligence channels were being overloaded so that the risk of omitting an alleged real threat to the US could be accentuated.

It was recommended to the Air Force to downplay the UFO issue and undertake a discrediting campaign to diminish the public interest, including media such as the Walt Disney Company, and psychologists and astronomers to ridicule the phenomenon and propose conventional explanations. E.U. interrupted the Blue Book Project in 1969 following criticism from Congress for the rigor and validity of the investigations.

They determined that most were misinterpretations of natural phenomena, only about 701 cases, or 6%, were classified as unexplained. They were archived and are exposed under the Freedom of Information Act, but the names of witnesses and other personal information have been removed from the reports.

In 2007 about 14 scientists, pilots, former military officers, and government officials from 7 countries asked E.U. that reopens the official investigation on the UFOs.


Analysis and Conclusion

There are many questions as to the causes for so many sightings on those dates, the reasons why they occurred mostly in the US. In addition, to question the reasons why the Roswell event triggers machinery in several countries to investigate this phenomenon. All this leads us to think because things do not occur in a vacuum.

There are many other cases of sightings, starry alien ships and recovery of the remains for investigation. They can have access to the different references available in this letter and other additional information provided by the internet that can provide more detail and accuracy of the facts related to the UFO phenomenon. The UFO visits have always been, if we analyze the history books, religious, hieroglyphics, etc. The existence of these beings is evident.

The rise in its presence should be seen not as a mere coincidence since according to the story, these sightings present an essential difference from the Second World War. The entrance of E.U. to the warlike conflict and above all, the use of the atomic bomb. There is a theory that there are many races, of a technological advance, advanced in the control of the forces that govern the universe, space and time.

It is believed, even, that they were the ones who created us through genetic modifications and that their continuous sightings are simply watching us, but without intervening in our affairs. The end of our existence, we do not know, but obviously, these races do not want our extinction. However, when E.U. He threw an atomic bomb was dangerous and can lead to our own self-destruction.

That’s where the constant UFO conspiracies began all over the planet and to become more visible, avoiding mutually assured destruction. The discovery of nuclear energy is an evolutionary leap, but we lose control and we do not know the real potential it possesses. For what you judge based on what is exposed here and the information available in libraries, internet, etc.

Knowing definitively, without doubt, the existence of life in other worlds would modify the path of our existence. The end of politics, religions, etc. It would be a fine line that would eventually be eliminated. We are in a distorted reality, in the midst of a great lie, hiding the truth in this matter.

The reasons can be varied, but it can be mentioned that the monetary system would collapse, because the money would lose its value and therefore the markets would fall and thus generate chaos in the government. The religions and their beliefs would fall, reason why the religious leaders would lose their power and the sense of their existence. The way in which we acquire energy would change, where currently it is electricity and oil and therefore the markets lose their economic power.

There would be no borders or forms of government.

So, we can only ask if what is stated here makes sense to you.


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